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Submitted by tr00p3r 1478d ago | news

Modern Warfare 3: New shotgun jump glitch could be a game-breaker

Product-Reviews writes: This new glitch has been found in the multiplayer version of the game and a video we have to show you lets you see how a group of MW3 players can climb to the top of buildings, seemingly floating in the air due to something known as ‘shotgun boosting’ which is apparently the new thing for gamers to exploit in multiplayer. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

tr00p3r  +   1478d ago
Rather then fill your pockets Infinity Ward, fix this shit already ..this same thing happened in MW2 as well didn't it? Not good enough.
Heartnet  +   1478d ago
Hardly game breaking.. looks like takes a while to do it lol and with how small and crowded the maps in CoD your not going to get very far.. wasted effort xD

But yeh still needs a fix
JokesOnYou  +   1477d ago
Heres an idea, just shoot them.

Ive been playing the game obcessively since launch, I havent encountered any just seems like many of you are so desperate to find reasons to hate on MW3, lol theres another article of shoddy journalism related to clan tag hacks, the BF3 fanboys are so eager to hate they comment as if the game is broken and full of hackers without any knowledge of the facts, lol its not even a hack. Also MW3 while staying true to the COD formula feels different than the other COD games, especially BOps, different weapons, weapon upgrades, new perks, new support killstreaks, new modes, new environments,new customization and of course new maps & a very solid campaign, honestly other than a new engine I dont know what the haters want them to change, fact is its still COD, and even on a old engine its still more fun than BF3.
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GroundsKeeperJimbo  +   1477d ago
@JokesOnYou Seem a bit defensive there :]

Just wanted to point out that you're the first one to even bring up BF3.

We get it, apples and oranges pick one and defend it till you die.
bozebo  +   1477d ago
"different weapons, weapon upgrades, new perks, new support killstreaks, new modes, new environments,new customization and of course new maps"

ok so. For upgrades, perks, killstreaks, "customization" and modes all they need are icons & some LUA scripting (or whatever scripting system they have implemented but it hardly matters).

MP maps require a lot of time spent modelling environments, sure. But 99% of the game's textures are ripped from MW2 and MW1 and a lot of the static props are too. So that cuts out about a third of the work required to make the environments for the game (the rest being unique geometry, testing balance etc... though they probably don't test anything other than the bare minimum)

Essentially, they just made enough changes for people like JokesOnYou to think that it's actually a different game :/

Most of the "content" is _extremely_ simple from a technical or workload standpoint.

It's just a patch that you have to pay for and you have to pay again if you want to play some of the good older maps on it :/ Oh and all your unlocks are reset so you can get the satisfying feeling of unlocking new things again.

I will stick to CoD4 and 2 tyvm. (particularly considering 4's maps are brilliant, and the DLC was free on PC)

Hell, even BC2:Vietnam was more different from BC2 than MW3 is from MW1 or MW2 and it only set me back a tenner.
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frostypants  +   1477d ago
JokesOnYou, you do realize that Sledgehammer isn't gonna send you a gift basket for ignoring their f-ups, right?

It's becoming more and more obvious that Sledgehammer simply didn't have the knowledge to fix obvious glitches left over from MW2. Think about it: almost all the changes are superficial stuff, like killstreak logic and weapon unlocks. All these issues that seem similar and/or leftover from those in MW2 are engine's as if Sledgehammer didn't touch that part of it at all.

Really, for MW3 they just re-wallpapered MW2, maybe changed the drapes, re-arranged the furniture a bit, and called it a new game. These bugs, exploits, and lag issues are proof that they did little else. Even the new killstreaks...what few there are...betray this. Like the strafing's just some helicopter assets in pre-baked formation flying a straight line over the map. Probably took all of a day to finagle that lame one in...just copy-pasta the B2 or jet strike, change the models to helicopters, bombs to gunfire, and slow it down a bit.

It's as if they had no down-in-the-dirt coders on the project at all. Just people who re-arranged existing assets and made new textures.

Come to think of it, it all feels like a big user mod.
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RSPproductionz  +   1477d ago
Hold on a bloody second. That is my video and me in that video and this glitch can only be done in private matches. They were in MW2 and IW purposely put them in MW3 to cater for the large COD glitching community that prefers to get out of the maps and on top of buildings in private games than playing the game itself.

So why don't you all stop hating this is a feature of the game....
Euthanasia78  +   1477d ago
It would be fixed if they even bothered to upgrade anything this year. I played this game in 2005. Its mainstream pop music. If You don't realize that IW recycled a 6yr old game, repackaged it, and resold it under MW3, You are out of Your mind. This game has changed less than Madden does each year. Same graphics, same enviornments, same buildings, same physics, same hit boxes, same glitches, same game.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1477d ago
Well, at least they're going green. Ya know, since all the recycling.

(Overused generic comment yep)
finbars75  +   1477d ago
Here's how you fix the game just trade it in.I can't figure out why you guys in here knew from day one that this was going to happen.I said before this game was even out that this was going to happen time and time again.Activision has only cared about there wallets once COD4 came out and relized they where onto something big.From then on they have given mediocre games without any improvements in all areas of COD.Bobby Kotick must have one he'll of a smile on his face right now knowing that he just screwed all you guys all overagain for the 7th year in a row.Just goes to show how gamers can't move onto bigger and better things.
Morpheuzpr  +   1477d ago
I doubt is gamers that are buying this bs of a game, its casuals that are buying it and the reason gaming is a joke of what it used to be. I mean the game is like flying a plane in autopilot. Its the virtual equivalent of drugs makes you feel good easy (ridiculous amount of aim assist) and instant satisfaction (killstreaks).
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HenryFord  +   1474d ago
aha... so casuals aren't gamers? And more important: They are not entitled to play because some elitists decides that this brings down the quality of their games?
Get over yourself already.

(Disclaimer: Not defending/liking MW3 here)
Euthanasia78  +   1474d ago
They are entitled, but as a hardcore gamer, I am entitled to skip this rehashed garbage. Only the uneducated about games would like this trash.
Speed-Racer  +   1478d ago
I'm just giving it some time. Let them fix things.
Newsman  +   1478d ago
It's the same game from 3 years ago, how long do they need?
Speed-Racer  +   1478d ago

As soon as I saw P2P ranked servers, I was like F*** ... this all over again.
antz1104  +   1477d ago
Agreed, Im enjoying it as it is. Kill Confirmed is my new favorite mode.

Personally I haven't seen this glitch, so I'm not going to get all bothered about it and spout off about a problem someone else has experienced.
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Speed-Racer  +   1477d ago
Me neither...but I've encountered walling games already, quite a few :(
frostypants  +   1477d ago
Walling was an issue by day 2. LOL. I can't count how many killcams I've watched where a person tracked me through a wall, started firing at a seemingly random spot before I even showed up on his screen, etc. It's too precise to just be hearing footsteps.
Speed-Racer  +   1477d ago
I'm not even sure why people are disagreeing with me. My very first MP game, a lot of us jumped in in a P2P TDM session ... and within 1 minute a guy racked up 46 kills while the rest of us barely got past 1 kill LOL... killcam showed that he was hacking the crap outta the game.
Swiggins  +   1478d ago
I'd hardly consider that a gamebreaker, it's not like the people can't be shot from there so it's not like the rock glitch in MW2.

But still, they need to iron this crap out, they've had 5 games to work on this....
Starbucks_Fan  +   1478d ago
As Patrick Star would say, we should take MW3, AND PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!
seinfan  +   1477d ago
That idea may just be crazy enough... TO GET US ALL KILLED!
HINDERIZATION  +   1477d ago
Comment of the week XD
hasj1990  +   1478d ago
Good, shame, i hope people find more exploits. Im not even a COD hater, I'm just a MW3 hater, its imo the worse COD I've ever played (i have only played COD games since MW2), If it did not have the brand name of "Call of duty" i have no doubt that people will be giving this game a 7/10 8/10 and no more. It brings absolutely nothing new to the table, except a new "game mode". I don't even like BF3, i sold it, but at least i see that BF3 is trying to push the boundaries of FPS's on consoles.

This generation is sooo sh!t!, Hurry up next generation, we need a change, hopefully new consoles might change that!

rant over :)
Sabian187  +   1478d ago
How has this generation been "sh!t"??
In what perverted ranking system is this gen horrible.
Uncharted 1-3
Halo 3-Reach
Killzone 2
Alan Wake
God of War 2-3
Gears of War 1-3
Heavy Rain
Call of Duty 4
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Red Dead Redemption
InFamous 1-2
Assassin's Creed 1-?
Mass Effect 1-3
Left 4 Dead
Saints Row 1-3
Batman: Arkham Asylum-City
Little Big Planet
Grand Theft Auto 4
And so on and so on.....

See you 5 years into the next gen whining about the same thing.
ExCest  +   1477d ago
I cannot believe you left Metal Gear Solid (doesn't matter which one) out.

But, good list.
Sabian187  +   1477d ago
Darn it. I knew I forgot some great ones.
Metal Gear Solid
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Skyrim
Fallout 3
Portal 1-2
Forza Motorsports 3-4
Grand Torizmo 5
Dead Space 1-2

Still not seeing the sh!tty part of the gen.
bozebo  +   1477d ago
'tis a good gen.

But a list of great games from the previous gen or the one before that would be much, much longer. (probably caus of all the multiplats this gen and nintendo not being a major candidate with hardcore gamers anymore)

My main problem is that they tend to sacrifice gameplay, replayability, innovation and content for marketability this gen, and that's a damn shame.

New consoles will improve things because there won't be that DVD limit imposing severe restrictions on most multiplat games anymore.

But then again: the development costs, time restrictions, rigidness of design (they can't just change stuff halfway through, the game's design must be concrete from day 1 or its not possible to schedule the developers properly and keep to the deadlines) are all restricting the number of studios which are capable of making successfull titles. If a game doesn't sell well, they go bust (a typical boxed console title must sell millions to make profits).

The only improvement next gen will probably be graphics. They have reached the point where creativity is not limited by the hardware, but by practicality of development and retail.

They can't go and work on some new innovative idea because if it doesn't sit well with the consumers then they have to shut the doors or suck up to their publisher more :( Especially if the game is very content rich and was very expensive to develop (imagine morrowind or san andreas with the graphics & detail of this generation... A BD would probably struggle to fit the content).
#5.1.3 (Edited 1477d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
ExCest  +   1477d ago
Yep. Now you fixed it

Although i have yet to play even half of those said games lol but i know they're all good.
finbars75  +   1477d ago
I have to disagree with you a little.I love BF3 and hate MF3 more then anything on this planet but to say that this generation is shit is just ludacris.Maybe you are just nieve or just started playing video games for the fist time in the last 2 years but man you are missing out on some of the greatest games of all time.Sabian187 hit it right on the nail with all those games.Even though I don't like some of them I still have an appreciation for what they have done for this generation of gaming those are just facts.
Euthanasia78  +   1474d ago
Has! You have singlehandedly lowered the average IQ of this forum. Does Your brain even know what Ur mouth is saying? You sound RIDICULOUS. This gen is crap? All I can say is I feel sorry for Ur ability to decipher a good game from a bad one. This gen has been boss. Better than the last gen. Sure things will get better, but this gen does not suck. You just have awful taste.
Ezio2048  +   1478d ago
it happened with me in MW2 where the i could jump high in sky with a ranger shotgun and run at a tremendous speed...although i was getting slaughtered, i was enjoying it. ;)
Gam3rSinceBiRTH  +   1478d ago
Just amazes me that their are people that just waste their time doing random stuff just to find glitches.
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DK99  +   1478d ago
Glitches like this are very annoying, granted but the time it takes people screwing about trying to do it, its a good time to watch this area and get some nice easy kills on some noobs. Personally I think once glitches like this go public everyone is then trying to do it all match. Makes me laugh
tr00p3r  +   1478d ago
This is COD remember..there's glitch 'clans' out there and everything lol.
OmegaGunner  +   1477d ago
Eh only punk kids waste their time with this stuff. I just play the game to have fun and for the competition.

Why is it the "pop" thing to hate on COD with all the elitists these days?

Oh I know , cause they got nothing better to do.
Spenok  +   1477d ago
I wouldnt say its only Punk kids that find this kind of stuff, as the dude in the video hardly sounds like a "Kid." However you are right that its people with nothing better to do.

On the whole hating CoD thing, my two cents would be this: Personally i dont HATE CoD, im just done with it. Ive been playing (ultimately) the same game for 6 years running now, sure it has new maps, guns, perks, game modes, bla bla bla. However it still runs on Peer to Peer servers, it has a terrible knifing system and always has, and still runs on the same engine (tho obviously modified.)

Basically my point is they are sticking with the whole motto "If it aint broke dont fix it."

Which honestly i personally cant blame them for. As a business point of view, if 20million people are willing to buy these games every year then why the hell not. However from a consumers point of view (mine of course) i have decided not to buy them until they take those some odd 500+ developers they had on this new one and do something innovative and new.

Sorry for the novel reply lol... just my thoughts that wouldnt stop comming. xD
thespaz  +   1477d ago
Give 'em a break guys. They can't fix glitches that they do not know about before the game ships.

It's the same reason why Apple can't stop people from jailbreaking their phones. Every time they put something in place to prevent jailbreaking, someone always finds a way around it.

When you have millions of people playing CoD MW3, you're going to get people trying ANYTHING to glitch out of the map, or find the game's weak spots.

Some people do nothing but start a private match to find every nook and cranny of a map and sometimes that includes cheating to get to certain places.

Nobody releases a perfect game.

Even Uncharted 3's multiplayer had some people glitching outside of the map.
JBaby343  +   1477d ago
It's true that no game is perfect and little things are found here and there but you have to admit that COD is NOTORIOUS for glitches and cheaters. More so than any other console game I've seen or played. While yes UC3 may have little things here and there Naughty Dog is constantly pushing their engine while COD is still pretty much the same from COD4 in 2007. You would think with few improvements made they would have eliminated most of this stuff or at least improved their QA methods.
thespaz  +   1477d ago
Yeah, COD is picked apart more, but they ALSO have a lot more PLAYERS than most games.

It's only been out for a week. Let them have their fun glitching, but this will not be tolerated according to Infinity Ward. They came out and said that they're going to be much more strict when it comes to cheaters and glitchers.

I asked my brother what he thinks of the game and he thinks it's the best CoD so far that he's played and I agree. This is the most balanced CoD yet and I like how you can earn killstreaks for doing objectives.
JBaby343  +   1477d ago
@ above: I hope you're right and IW does keep a tighter clamp to stop people from doing exploits.
frostypants  +   1477d ago
Most games do not have these sorts of issues. I certainly don't recall Halo Reach or Killzone 3 having exploits this redonkulous...
GamerPS360  +   1477d ago
I bought this game for personal reason. It blows so hard. I can't believe people have fun with this. glitch, too many corners, no recoil and all nub friendly perks.
There is no strategy period on this game.

Before you guys starting to say that I suck or whatever, MY K:D is 3.22 and W/L is 2.04.
Anyone lives in NC, cary area? I am selling this junk in 35 bucks.
GraveLord  +   1477d ago
Said the guy with the Battlefield avatar.
Your opinion is completely irrelevant.
GroundsKeeperJimbo  +   1477d ago
An avatar is a lot to go off of; Mr Burns...
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MarkusMcNugen  +   1477d ago
The title of the article is misleading. If its going to be fixed in the next patch (whenever that is) how would it be a game breaker?
Spenok  +   1477d ago
Its a game breaker until said patch? Lol
Snowii  +   1477d ago
oh activison...
bozebo  +   1477d ago
"it’s pretty crazy actually that this kind of thing wasn’t spotted by Infinity Ward"

Not at all. Every multiplat AAA title these days has MASSIVE and OBVIOUS bugs everywhere, so it makes sense that it would slip by.

Also, IW have no reputation at all anymore considering most of their key staff left, they are just a name that AV can stick on the box.
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Acadius  +   1477d ago
I don't like the fact that someone is exposing these "glitches" or what have you but I haven't encountered someone using them. I still can't comprehend the reason why someone feels the need to cheat or glitch in order to gain an advantage in multiplayer and than tout how "pro" he or she is.
Then again, these are the same little kids I hear online talking about how they are using a modded controller. This is what happens when parents give trophies and cookies to kids for every little thing in life. When a kid discovers that he or she isn't good at something then they cheat to make themselves feel better.
bobrea  +   1477d ago
It'll get patched.
madmonk42002  +   1477d ago
You know what a gamebreaker is?

P2P hosting...that's a gamebreaker. Somehow Activision/Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer have managed to create a game that is laggier than Black Ops, and its unplayable most of the time.

Home connection is super solid, hardwired into game console, yet I am at the mercy of whatever host I get stuck with (who is probably downloading Justin Beiber or some garbage on his computer at the same time he is hosting the game).

The make so much money on these games, just pinch a tiny bit off and get some damn servers so everyone can enjoy the game the way they intended us to enjoy it. Not the laggy, juttery piece of crap that it currently is...
Ch1d0r1  +   1477d ago
P2P is best used to seed MW3.
iOmegaSeriousi  +   1477d ago
My point is that WHY THE F**ck people with no life have to get into a game to look for glitches to mess up the game whats the fun on that. it happen in every single multiplayer game, hacker (nerds) have to get a girl and have a life before messing the fun out the games.
Ch1d0r1  +   1477d ago
I agree. But someone has to do it.
frankiebeans  +   1477d ago
reminds me of socom 2 and 3 the good old days.
Parasyte  +   1477d ago
It took IW months to patch the Elevator Glitches that were in MW3. What makes the author think that these will be fixed anytime soon?
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   1477d ago
mw3 hasn't been out for months o.O
Parasyte  +   1477d ago
I meant MW2. Didn't catch my mistake until it was too late, but somehow I think you knew that.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   1476d ago
oh x)
Feldman9000  +   1477d ago
Who would want this game?
anthem  +   1477d ago
Not sure how this glitch is going to break the game.
Seems you would get killed quick doing this glitch.
xX TriiCKy Xx  +   1477d ago
This isn't even new. I was doing this glitch back in CoD 4. Just shows how little the engine has changed.
thawind  +   1477d ago
mamotte  +   1477d ago
That's what I call recoil!

But's more a spiderfunny glitch than a game breaking one.
Euthanasia78  +   1474d ago
I'd rather play words with friends than MW 2.3. What a complete garbage game. IW can fool the casuals, but not me.

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