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IGXPRO - When Battlefield: Bad Company 2 came out last year, we overheard some classmates talking about how they spent the whole weekend playing the game’s multiplayer, telling the usual gamer war stories of close matches or about how some weapons were overpowered or how the other team was filled with cheap bastards. For their entire conversation they talked exclusively about the multiplayer aspects of the game until finally we couldn't stand it.

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Hufandpuf2408d ago

honest review. The game's $60 price tag is only worth it for the multiplayer. As with many of the reviews, the co-op and singleplayer are only average. My only problem is that the 6.5 should be a 7. Be glad they added a singleplayer and co op in the first place.

T9002407d ago

I think 6.5 score is too harsh on the game. Specially with 64 player battles, dedicated servers etc. When a game like COD, which has been endlessly rehashed gets 9.5's across the board.

Imo BF3 is probably the FPS of the generation specially for MP. I would give the game atleast a 9.

bumnut2407d ago

This is a review of the 360 version, it is only 24 players.

NewMonday2407d ago

this is a single player review

decrypt2407d ago

Well they were reviewing the console version of the game. I would say the review is right on.

Hufandpuf2407d ago

I am not saying the game deserved a 7. But he gave it a 6.5, but I think it should AT LEAST be a 7.

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JellyJelly2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

The multiplayer by itself warrants nothing lower than an 8.

And compared to the inflated scores MW3 has been getting for not doing anything new for the past 5 years then BF3 deserves a 10. It's the better game of the two and probably the best FPS multiplayer you will experience this gen.

T9002407d ago

Agreed specially the game is so well optimized. Entry level hardware runs the game at 1080p 60fps with mid to high settings. With all thats going on with 64 players thats a feat in itself.

Septic2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

The problem here isn't the game, its the newer generation of 'reviewers' who are only aware of the Battlefield series by over-hearing a conversation their classmates on a series that is essentially an off-shoot of the real Battlefield game; one which didn't even have a single player campaign. (Maybe the reviewer was too young to play the game then)

To the reviewer; you clearly do not understand the essence of the Battlefield series, and whilst you can critique the package as a whole, you are clearly missing the point about the MP aspect of the game. I have not experienced any connectivity issues that would prevent me from enjoying the game (and neither have several of my friends).

I'm sorry but I cannot take the opinion of a reviewer seriously if he has never even played Battlefield 2 or even begins to understand what Battlefield 3 is all about. As it stands, there is no military FPS that can match the visual fidelity, the scope, the depth and enjoyment Battlefield 3 offers.

Another poor review that appears to be looking for hits.

slainbaby2407d ago

A review should not have to be compared to previous entries in the series for it to be fair,unless of course it relates to story continuity.

fastNslowww2407d ago

bf3 isn't noobified for his liking

Tenkin2407d ago

They were clearly payed, they gave cod a 9/10 there just trolling for views now

T9002407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Lol good catch if they gave BF3 a 6.5, then they should have given COD a 2 tops.

krisq2407d ago

Maybe not payed but clearly for hits. No doubt about it.

Joecool61012407d ago

Two different reviewers for each game.

Honestly not sure why everyone loves this game so much. The glitches all over the place are terrible.

I agree with the writer of the article, I'm sure this game deserves a much better score on PC as that is where it shines. I always enjoyed BF2 on PC and looked forward to BF3 for such a long time hoping for a similar experience but on console and honestly, 6.5 is being generous. They should have actually had game testers try the game before releasing.

COD on the other hand, sure it hasn't changed much throughout each one.. but the story is different and it's a solid game with no glitches during single player.. but severely lacking vehicles which is something I enjoy about the BF series..

Each game has it's flaws and unfortunately the 360 version of BF3 just has too many. Perhaps we will review PC version at a later date so then it'd get a better score.

SKUD2407d ago

Midnight confessions. Awesome.

slampunk2407d ago

This website won't ever get a hit from me, only read the heading!!!.....It's been touched on before.....but i'll say it again.....This nob clearly doesn't understand the essence of BF.....

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