Resistance: Fall Of Man - Map Packs (Bracknell/Axbridge Maps)

Following is information on the new Resistance: Fall of Man Bracknell and Axbridge maps. The Bracknell map is based in an old railway system, featuring disused train carriages, with the Axbridge map covering a valley strewn with rocks and Chimeran structures. Bracknell here we come…

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lynx1halo3343d ago

one of the undisputed best FPS to ever be released on the PS3..or any other console for that matter

Crazyglues3343d ago

COD4 is now the best fps to ever be released on any console...

Omegasyde3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Actually, Resistance had better single player missions than COD4 IMHO. COD4 Multiplayer is way better though and resistance multi is alright if you don't mind dieing immediately every time you respawn.

Insomniac should really kill the game off and put more people to work on the sequel its been a year already :)

Marceles3343d ago

i dont know about it being the best FPS on the PS3, but Resistance is definitely underrated