Why Final Fantasy XIII will be the best yet

Taking place in the dual locations of Pulse (a scummy underworld) and Cocoon (a heavily regulated Utopia), Final Fantasy XIII features a trademark bewildering plot of political intrigue and warring factions, characters of steely determination and sudden mood swings, and a vast scope which will suck dozens of hours from your life. Here are the reasons why it will be an instant classic.

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vloeistof3828d ago

omg Expect an online element to make it into FFXIII, featuring large-scale battles and new, online-only enemies.

marinelife93828d ago

First I've heard of an online aspect.

jiggyjay3828d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

It will be on the BEST GAMING CONSOLE the 360!

Edit- Mark my words ps3 fans.. mark my words! Unlike Sonys words this won't come around and bite me in the ass!

PS3Freak3827d ago

BAHAHAHAHAAHAHA in your dreams jiggyjay, just keep on thinking that it's funny.

gerrard3827d ago


Seriously jiggyjay what on earth have you been smoking?


The Killer3827d ago

xbox 360 fans
1) xrots
2) xrats

please help me to choose one of them to name them from now on with this names!!

thats what i think!
xrats sounds more cooler then xrots but xrots sounds more like the truth about the rotten RROD of 360!!

PS3PCFTW3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )


thats a pretty BOLD statement considering classic material such as FF7, XII, 8, 10.

i do hope youre right.

offtopic: im waiting for FF7 on the white engine........i sure hope sqenix/sony are listening

InMyOpinion3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

How about:

1) Camel-packers
2) Towelheadz

Im just hinting on what level you are on m8. Calling each other names just doesn't make anything better.

The Killer3826d ago

lets keep things in the gaming thing dont go to races!
camels r the best animals in the desert unfortunately u dont have in america!! did u know that camel milk is like a Viagra?? of course u wouldnt know about it!! we knew about it since deserts existed!!
and i dint call americans any funny names i just called the xbots by the new name xrots and even arabs own 360 just for u to know!!

when i talk like normal people get pissed at me when i talk like a fanboy still people pissed at me but at least its more fun!!

InMyOpinion3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I was being sarcastic. Names are names, whether racial or not. I was making an example of what it leads too.

You say 360 fanboys have been attacking PS3 owners? What was it you were doing in your comment? Do you think it will stop if you act the same way? Where's the logic in acting the same way as the persons you say you despise?

Btw I'm not american...

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Real gamer 4 life3828d ago

FF13 will come out next year i cant wait for it.

Wii60PS3DSPSP3828d ago

Don't Final Fantasy fans say that to all their games in the series? To me Final Fantasy III/6 for the Super Nintendo is the best. (lol flame-bait)

Danja3828d ago

and if we say that about every FF game that means that they're all great..but yeah definetly th best IMO...UMM can I go as far as to say...FF9 is one of my favs also.

ItsDubC3828d ago

FFVI is my favorite as well.

I'm looking forward to FFXIII purely for its graphical accomplishments right now.

Wii60PS3DSPSP3828d ago

lol I thought people would flip out on me for that comment like most people on this site.(Final Fantasy 6 is still awesome though.)

games4fun3828d ago

ffVII the best but VI for snes comes in a close second

solar3828d ago

ur not crazy. FFVI was amazingly satisfying and the best one ive played, and the last one ive completed. i lost interest in FFVIII for some reason. cant wait.

Keowrath3828d ago

ha don't worry about liking no 6 as your favourite. For one it's your opinion and two it's actually considered as possibly the best Final Fantasy by a lot of the Final Fantasy fans (too many F's in one sentance!)

Polluted3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

Lol. Everyone has a different favorite. I liked 7 best. 10 and 6 were pretty cool as well. Someone on here even mentioned 9 I think. The fact that we're even debating which is the best and coming up with multiple different answers is a testament to the quality of the whole series. FF13 is going to rock.

@Gen16Snes: Why you were expecting to get flamed for saying you liked FF6 I'll never understand. Everyone loves that game.

PS3Freak3827d ago

9 and 10 were my favorites, 12 is pretty good as well.

meatnormous3827d ago

Six was my favorite also, followed by 8. I seem to be the only person who really liked FF8.

waltercross3827d ago

I Like FFXII the best, but enjoyed FF9, FF7, FF2(US Version) and FF3(US Version), FF8 was to weird to me, I've played it but it went off the FF path.

Lord_Mike3827d ago

My personal favorite from top to bottom:

FF7 (Simply the Best IMO)
FF10 Wost ever almost had me quiting the series, also the easiest. Killed last boss in a couple of hit in like 5 minutes. All that preperation for nothing.

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Relientk773828d ago

wow that sounds soo cool ... im looking very forward to this game

CRIMS0N_W0LF3828d ago

FFXIII will contain online!