The 10 Most Important Games Ever

Just over a year ago the TrustedReviews team got together to run through their favourite games of all time. All this got them thinking: "What if we were to be a bit less subjective, and come up with a list of the most important games ever?"

The list that follows is really just a starting point, drawn up with a little help from a few members of the TrustedReviews team. They haven't necessarily gone for the games that did things first or even the games that did things best, but instead the games that have had the biggest impact on the widest number of other titles, and on the games whose influence still affects the games being made today.

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Relientk773741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I'm kinda suprised they didnt put Grand Theft Auto, Pac-Man, or a game or 2 from the Atari 2600

like E.T. for Atari 2600 ... yes the game totally sucked but it just proves a fact almost that movie games just totally blow (99% of movie games suck) but they are some exceptions ... not many

propheta3741d ago

GTA was an important game, but I remember Driver came before it and GTA was heavily influenced by it. GTA happened to be the most popular version of several attempts of creating a game where you could drive and walk, freely, through a city space. So it couldn't really be present here I'm afraid to tell you.

The Wood3741d ago

street fighter in there and either tekken or virtua fighter. Pac man for sure and the first point n click game like a zak mckraken or something

propheta3741d ago

Great initiative; to be honest I haven't seen something this wise in a website for such a long time now.

Street Fighter II is missing, of course, and I also agree, totally, with Pac-Man... those had to be placed in there somehow. What about Tennis for Two, Spacewar! or the Magnavox Odyssey's Ping-Pong game? This last one gave the idea for PONG, and PONG gave the idea for Breakout, and Breakout was the main inspiration for Tomohiro Nishikado's Space Invaders. Ah... so many games... so much history - that's what I love about videogames!

I'd remove Command and Conquer and replace it for Dune II: Battle for Arrakis if they wanted to mention the precursor of modern RTS.

Outrun was a smart choice, too. Virtua Fighter was the first game to use credible 3D models of the human being - probably the reason why the game is in display at the Smithsonian.

But the number 10 is too small. 20 would allow other essential games to be present on the list. The article was searching for the 10 defining moments in the VG industry. In fact, there aren't many TRUE examples of that. This industry is known for replicating itself endlessly, most of the times without a single shred of originality.

Close_Second3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

...hardly anybody agrees with them. We all have our favorites that we used to play.

Oh yes, I would have thought Pong would have been up there as it was pretty much what started it all.

Cat3741d ago

"Whats the point of these lists......hardly anybody agrees with them. We all have our favorites that we used to play."

lol, if you follow that logic then why would anyone write an opinion about anything! No reviews, editorials, debates, or n4g comments!

lynx1halo3741d ago

Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (still havent beat it)

with Ninja Gaiden coming in a close second

Bill Gates3741d ago

I can't see the list but I'm my opinion if there are not games listed on that list, than the list is useless. Also the first Gran Turismo game should be on there.

If there are no XTurd360 games on the list than the list is OK by me.....AAAHAHHAhAHA

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