Sega hints at Burning Rangers revival

Sonic Team USA boss Takashi Iizuka has hinted at a revival for the much-loved Sega Saturn game Burning Rangers on Wii.

Speaking to Games Radar, Iizuka said he's well aware of the demand for an update to the fire-fighting series: "It's not my title, so I can't comment," he said... and then commented anyway; "but I hear there is a lot of demand for a sequel, to bring out Burning Rangers on Wii so... we'll see."

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Zhuk3954d ago

I was actually playing through this game again last night, it is a fantastic experience and really shows off what the Saturn could do with 3d graphics, definitely gives the Playstation a run for its money.

This game definitely was ahead of its time with extensive use of voice and minimalist hud design

A sequel would be awesome, if they didnt screw it up

BIoodmask3954d ago

This game was truly a gem released as the Sega Saturn was in the last stages of it's life cycle.

A sequel is definately well deserved. The original Burning Rangers was one of the final releases on the US Sega Saturn if I am not mistaken. Along with Panzer Dragoon Saga and Shining Force 3. Although 2 sequels for Shing Force 3 were only released in Japan making it a Trilogy.