Killzone: Know Your Enemy Pt. 2

Today continue with part 2 of our Helghast feature. Yesterday they covered General Armin Metrac and his right hand, Colonel Cobar. Now, they move up the ranks.

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Kleptic3914d ago

didn't they do this exact same thing last spring?...they had a whole "get to know the Kilzone universe" special leading up to E3 I thought...

either us more of KZ2 please...we want some new stuff...

mighty_douche3914d ago

id say at least a video of a new level is in order.

Rob19843914d ago

they should show a new level , but i do agree with the whole wate and see aproach lol gets people talking "wonder what the other levels look like" cant w8 for this game the apmospheare (sorry if typo cant spell that word for crap lol) is awsmome really dose look like a war

keep up the good work gurilla dont dissapoint

Bleucrunch3914d ago