Wii - Legitimate Next Gen Contender or Flash in the Pan?

The Bitbag Writes, "What was once just a silly name for a console has surprised the world with a newly designed control scheme and simplistic, all-hands approach to gaming. It's common knowledge that the Wii is selling extremely well, and in some places still hard to find. However, is the Wii really a legitimate contender in the newest, fiercest generation of gaming? Can the two heavy-weight consoles, the Xbox 360 and PS3 really see the Wii as a threat?For a moment, let's take a step back from hypes and fads and look at the Wii from a different angle. Nintendo is having trouble keeping up with demand because people obviously want to buy it, right? That much is obvious, the way units are flying off the shelves. What about in a year from now? What about two years from now? Is the longevity of the system guaranteed simply because of stellar initial sales? While it's definitely too early to tell, I feel that the answer is no."

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PS360WII3953d ago

The Wii will last 5 years have awesome games come out for it and then the cycle will continue. If you really think about it every console ever created were all flash in the pan because they have all been replaced.

whengeeksgobad3953d ago

Ok, before the wii launched, everyone laughed. Then it sold out everywhere and everyone still kept laughing. Its a year later, they've outsold both "next gen contenders" and its still "a fad". Now, I'm not particularly impressed with the unit, I don't own one, not sure I want to. But to call it a joke still... Well, its the best selling joke of all time if that's really whats up.

BrotherNick3953d ago

It's good for people who love nintendo games or social gatherings. And now with the Zapper it also gives the arcade experience. If you are incredibly serious about games it's expected you don't have a wii.

ShadoWulf3953d ago

It may be expected, but not always true. I love games, and I only have a Wii. Sure, I envy other consoles (mostly 360), but like you said I really like Nintendo's franchises. However, one type of super-hardcore gamer IS expected to own a Wii... a PSWii60 gamer. I really wish I were one of those.

B Man3953d ago

If you are incredibly serious about games then graphics doesn't matter to you and the Wii is a definite option for gaming.

Marceles3953d ago

No..if you're incredibly serious about games, you'd own all three.

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jmare3953d ago

Just because it's sold out and selling well, doesn't mean it isn't a fad. Actually that's kind of the definition of a fad: something extremely popular for a short period of time then falls off. Just because Nintendo has been limiting supply... having trouble keeping up with demand does not mean that they will survive for that much longer. He even brings up the point of casual gamers. They simply will not buy enough games to suport the Wii. That is why this industry is built off the wallets of hardcore gamers.

whengeeksgobad3953d ago

I completely agree that casual gamers can put the wii down just as quickly as they picked it up. Speaking from my own personal experience though, with all the wii gamers I know - none of them are my grandparents, or some clueless dorks who have only bowled once and then put it down. They are gamers just like me; excited for more new content and still buying the crappy games out now.

I do not disagree: all signs seem to point to "fad" in my mind. After how many millions of units sold, are we just going to have to say we may have read the wrong signs. Or... hey it may just burn out, but I don't think it will.

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