Major Nelson Responds To Halo 3 Video writes:

"So, amidst all the hub bub over the homophobic Halo 3 video, a voice of reason has come to share some insight. Xbox Community leader Major Nelson emailed me with his take on the whole situation. Whatever side of the argument you fall on, I think we all agree that some of the things said in this video were completely uncalled for and Major Nelson has a few things to say concerning how to protect yourself from this kind of a situation."

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GunShotEddy3916d ago

You do realize he's a PR guy for Microsoft right? It's his job to quickly respond to things like this with a cookie cutter - "We don't approve of that" response.

In addition, jerks on XBL are nothing new. Giving them a GT that gives the immature ammo to attack is silly.

InMyOpinion3916d ago

So it would be better if he didn't respond to it at all? I don't really see your point. Are you bashing Major Nelson for being a PR person for Microsoft??

GunShotEddy3916d ago

This article that we're commenting on refers to Nelson as a voice of reason. Really? I thought he was a voice of MS. aka a puppet. I love my 360 and I like MS, but I'm also familiar with marketing BS. No one should get a pat on the back for DOING THEIR JOB. That's all he's doing. This isn't a personal opinion of his. He is responding to a situation with damage control as he is supposed to, because that's his job.

I don't post stories about the waiter bringing me a lemon water. He's doing his job.

marinelife93916d ago

If it made feel better about the situation then I don't see a problem with what Major Nelson did. I would expect any company that cares about the support from their customer base to respond quickly and decisively.

But to be honest my #1 suggestion to the player would be to change his sign in name. If he did that he wouldn't have to worry about the things Major Nelson suggested and could enjoy his online experience just like everyone else.

GunShotEddy3915d ago

I've made a total of like 6 comments, none wrong, and I get reported and lose bubbles on this thread? I'm not bashing anyone based on their sexual preference people. Please don't give me negative feedback for pointing out that Herb (Major Nelson) is just a PR rep.

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Dlacy13g3916d ago

Major Nelson of course is going to be putting a spin on it. But i do have to agree...if you createn a gamer tag that is flame bait ( no matter what it is..) you are going to get attacked. With 8 million users you are bound to get a TON of immature, homophobic, ignorant, racist idiots. Its just a sad fact. smart about it. I mean come on...when he made that gamer tag did he really not think he would catch heat for it? Sure its not right...but he has to be totally ignorant himself if he didnt think he would get verbally abused over LIVE.

Nubzilla 3G3916d ago ShowReplies(1)
FordGTGuy3916d ago

If you name yourself a crude name expect it to happen. I'm surprised he didn't get banned for his name.

Wiitard3916d ago

Pointing out that one is gay is crude now?

Leg-End3916d ago

I totally agree. He was doing it for attention - nothing more. Pre-pubescent americans are bound to respond to something like that...gaymer

FordGTGuy3916d ago

xxxgayboyxxx is a crude name.

Wiitard3916d ago

People actually talk to each other during online games? I didn't realize that many were starved for companionship and human contact.

Close_Second3916d ago

...obviously you cannot chat with other on-line gamers or you would not make such a ridiculous comment. Its got nothing to do with what you suggest however, what would be wrong for people chatting during games for human contact. In a way, is that not why you are posting comments on here...however, I would deem this a more pathetic form of communication. Especially when you sink to such depths as yourself.

Wiitard3916d ago

But stories like this are part of the reason I gave up on xbox live. I fancy myself as an adult and just couldn't handle the morons that populated that place. It got to the point where I wouldn't even use a headset, just play. I can understand neeeding to do it in some instances but I'll stick to getting my purile, moronic humor when I want it.

But my post was pretty much meant to be tongue in cheek posted quickly before leaving for lunch. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

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