GameSpy: The Orange Box (PS3) Preview

GameSpy's Sterling McGarvey previews The Orange Box for the PS3:

Spiffy: New quicksave option; maintains stellar visual textures, amazing storytelling and solid core gameplay.

Iffy: Portal, but mostly Episode Two, have framerate problems; EA's test servers for TF2 aren't up yet.

Final words:

"So, for PS3 owners out there asking whether it's been worth the wait, we'd have to say yes, so far. Although Episode Two seems to be marred with some framerate stutters and early on the motion blurring is noticeable, it's not unplayable by any stretch. We think that a sizable chunk of PS3 owners will gripe about it but continue playing for the game's stellar narrative. We're also anxious to see how Team Fortress 2 performs, since we couldn't access it. Otherwise, The Orange Box on PS3 looks like it's set to rival the likes of other great titles on the console as one of the year's best."

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gamesblow3833d ago

So which is it? Does it suck does it not? Is it great is it a terrible hack job port? I love how everyone is so quick to tarnish Ps3 that they'll say anything... true or not, just to get hits and the mudslinging going.

lynx1halo3833d ago

So does anyone else agree with me in that this year and probably for half of next year games are made for 360 then ported to PS3......However for the other half and from there on PS3 will be the originating console...anyone????????

Vertius3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

@gamesblow: I'd say that it's an okay port, that does suffer problems. I don't mind frame drops so much, it's game-locking I hate. No previewer has so far mentioned that, so I'm satisfied.

@lynx1halo: I think it depends on how successful the PS3 is over the next few months, but it's a possibility.

Vip3r3833d ago

Why are they adding more graphic effects when the framerate is poor enough. It's like EA is trying to make it even more worse.

titntin3833d ago

Whilst I DO see the 'fobbing off' of the PS3 port to EA as a political statement from the seriously anti- PS3 Gabe, the addition of a few graphical effects to the engine is NOT likely to interfere with the framerate of the game as a whole.
Framerate issues WILL occurr when an engine developed for a PC architecture is ported to the PS3 and not radically reconstructed. Trying to run that code using just the GPU, will result in issues, and we've all seen the results of these poor ports and are painfully aware of E.A's bad track record in this regard. But when this approach is taken, it does leave most of the cell's spu's lying dormant and unused, so using one of these spare units to add a little graphical flourish, and then slip it ito the rendering pipeline, will not add to the framerate issue. Theres no doubt this will have been a little side project for one of the software devs (probably a trainee fresh out of uni) to add into the pipeline and show that there is at least some distinguishing feature about the PS3 convertion. Having worked at this particular dev house myself, this is a likely scenario (unless they've changed radically in the last 5 years).

I'd much rather they'd off spent their time re-writiing the rendering engine to use some SPU power and achieve a consistent framerate of course, but these type of 'fixed price convertions' are not something a dev house throws money at, so a somewhat shoddy convertion was to be expected.
If you have all the consoles, then simply buy it on 360 (I did) - don't support companies making shoddy ports...
If you do have a PS3 only, then I hope you'r experience isn't marred. Other FPS titles have raised the bar somewhat, but few cn tell a story quite as well as these titles do, and its a series of games that deserves to be played..

Arkham3833d ago

Kudos and bubs to you. Please continue to post your comments as often as possible in order to help counteract the rampant idiocy and fanboyism.

I had to reread your post a couple of times because I was in shock. ;)

jackdoe3833d ago

Titntin, it is a true shame that they didn't use the extra two months that they were given to at least partially utilize the SPUs.

Arkham3833d ago

I don't think it would be possible to just add that to the existing engine. I'm not a programmer, but I would guess that "fixing" the port would require a complete engine rewrite to get away from its DX roots.

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Real gamer 4 life3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

From what i read from this preview and ign's preview aswell.I came to the conclusion that EA is doing the best they can with the orange box. i think the media was predicting that this game is going to be down right unplayable and horrible. But as it turns out the game is very well ported from the 360 version and its very good game, EA deserves my 65 bucks because i belive that they tried there best and they did a very good job.

ktchong3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

EA is not going to produce a better version than Valve's. That just how it is. Valve (founded and run by former Microsoft employees who still love Microsoft) hates the PS3 and refuses to work on the PS3 version.

'nuff said.

Arkham3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Well, colour me surprised (or Orange). I've been following this situation on NeoGaf and the consensus is that 1up was either previewing old code or, more likely, were talking out of their collective arse.

I'm surprised that other reviewers are more impressed with the port. It's even more surprising that this port doesn't even use the SPUs, as mentioned in an earlier article on the game.

(Valve: "[W]e are not even using the SPU's and it is purely built on the graphics card and Cell. We're still optimizing for PS3 more because we can...")

I wonder if their optimizations since then (mid Oct.) have taken advantage of the SPUs.

jackdoe3833d ago

Unfortunately, the Gamespy preview looks to be the final build. So there will be frame rate problems with Episode Two which is a damn shame. Hopefully, a collective amount of PS3 gamers who buy the game can complain to EA to at least try to make a patch of some sort to at least fix some of the issues.

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