Epic's Rein Talks UT3 'Home' Integration, PS3 'Trojan Horse' Strategy

In an in-depth new interview with Epic VP Mark Rein, the exec has been discussing Unreal Tournament 3 for PlayStation 3, praising the possibilities for upcoming Home integration and Sony's 'trojan horse' strategy of including Blu-ray in the PS3.

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gamesblow3951d ago

Mark is such a genuine guy. He's a class act and a tough act to follow. He's got a great way of being incredibly fair to any given situation and he always gives balance to every topic. When people wanna bash the ps3, he's right there with an incredible argument in rebuttal.

marinelife93951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

Is it just me or does it seem like when the BS guy is asking him about the user created content that he is a little slow on the uptake? I can picture Mark Rein trying to talk slower and slower until he understands the words that are coming out of his mouth.

360sucks3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

everybody read this

Multigamer3951d ago

blah blah blah, wen he out promoting the 360 version next year it will be a diff tone

mingeeta3951d ago

ahh all because hes so positive about the open-ness of the ps3 and its future? Go away and cook a fried egg on your white box

360sucks3951d ago

i think he needs some pictures

HarryEtTubMan3951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

"We're planning that you'll be able to get a party together in Home and then file into the game from an Unreal space. Home's pretty cool, so we're planning to do that. That'll make it easy for... what I like about that is that you'll be able to form without us having to build a party system. It won't be as detailed as a real party system, but the idea is that we could all meet up in a room and go together in the game.

MR: Well, I hope we do. [Rein subsequently confirmed that the title will debut in December for PS3.] Regardless of that, they've got a lot of good games coming, they've dropped the price of their system, and they're embracing this kind of openness. I think this is going to work out positively for them in the long run.

CN: I guess I feel like console users just might not be aware of what they're getting into.

MR: At least in the beginning, the way it's going to work at launch is they're going to have to go and get it themselves, and make the choice and put it on their console. They're going to go to some website, download a mod, and make the choice to actually install it on their console.

CN: That surprises me more -- "some website." Not the fact that they're even allowing downloadable content, but the fact that it's from anywhere.

MR: It's great!

CN: Yeah, we're not being negative about it.

MR: You are!

BS: No no no, we're...

MR: I know, and I get what you're saying. It's hard to fathom the fact that, because the console business has been so tightly closed in the past...

Seriously u can almost do anything u can do on a PC on the PS3... BADASS SYSTEM. PERIOD

I think it's really smart that eventually if everybody does that, each company doesn't have to develop its own way to all meet up somewhere and all go into a game. I think that's a very smart way to do it, and I kind of wish Xbox 360 would do that, and I'm hoping that they will at some point.

In other words, all these games have these different systems for getting together and then traveling into the games together or playing as teams or whatever. I expect that to be a dashboard functionality at some point in the future for the Xbox 360, and I think Sony's already thinking that way with Home."

PS3 is now and the future.

Hes says again how its not hard to develop for the PS3... its just not a PC or junkbox... its a REAL CONSOLE which equals DEFFERENT. A high powered console at that. You can tell Mark Rein sees very good things happening for the PS3 and he is expecting and anticipating working on the PS3 more... now they have got the Unreal engine working on the PS3 well.

MR: It's user-created content! It's fantastic! I can't understand why people are so nervous about what Sony... no, Sony's wonderful. When they embrace user-created content, that's what it means to be an open system. That's why we're on PlayStation 3 first -- because they are embracing user-created content. It's not just moving the deck chairs around the boat. They are embracing real art. HAHAHAHA PS3 IS NUMBER 1

Real gamer 4 life3951d ago

"think once it's there, there's the temptation to play games on it, regardless of what your original meaning was. If people buy it as a Blu-ray player, they... will play games. When the big ads come out in August for a new Madden game, they'll pick up Madden. They've got the equipment, so why not? They've made the investment"

This is so true.

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