Johnny Rotten ignores Guitar Hero III, attacks journalists

Xbox360 writes:

"Johnny Rotten's now infamous ranting at Guitar Hero III's launch party was captured on OXM's cameras and has now been uploaded on for all to see. After introducing himself by saying "[censored], it's rubbish, I hate the whole thing", the Sex Pistols singer then goes into the reason why he's there - to promote Guitar Hero III.

"I'll give it to you basic and honest," he says. "The offer came in and I took it home and I played it with a bunch of kids. What I like is it weren't teaching you how to be a rock star, it was teaching you how not to be a rock star..."

And that was the last thing said on the game, after explaining how the Sex Pistols re-recorded tracks (Anarchy In The UK and Pretty Vacant). For what followed was half-an-hour ranting about Tony Blair, screaming "I AM ENGLAND" and throwing microphone at journalists who he thought were "smug." Watch the whole video to see what we mean. And keep an eye on the swear counter too... ouch."

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gamesblow3949d ago

The topic is misleading he had nothing bad to say about GH3 at all... Blah, and blah again. He's an icon and I respect him, but his relevance is kind of lost anymore. So many people don't really know who he is.

Merritt3948d ago

One of the coolest guys ever. He has a hankering for singing Bob Marley when karaeoke is around.

TheMART3948d ago

He isn't cool at all. This guy is rotten. Come on, his face looks like the moon. The only thing he does is swearing, that can do any dumb low life, and his brain is damaged by alcohol and drugs.

He's a joke. With his kind of acting I'm a hard guy. I bet the first one hitting him in the face he would run. Looks like a bad guy, but is a p*ssy.

Merritt3948d ago

Umm, actually he's a nice guy. His attitude is an act.

TheMART3948d ago

I don't f*cking care. He's a flying f*ck. The c*nt, brainless piece of sh!t.

That was my act by the way :P

freediro3948d ago

Johnny Rotten will only be remembered for his antics not his music, because most of his music sucked, he was a show guy, someone to entertain you through a show not music. he calls himself punk because he goes around says he hates everything and he is the best, he is the last thing to be punk now a days, he just happened to be in band if he wasn't he probably would be some drunken hobo in England!

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