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Submitted by AvidGamerrrr 1551d ago | article

Guide: Skyrim Unique Weapons Detailed Locations (StrengthGamer) "There are 80 unique weapons to be found in Skyrim. They are found by completing quests, finishing dungeons, and pickpocketing certain NPC's (to name a few). A majority of these weapons are incredibly strong, giving you a severe advantage on the battlefield." (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

AvidGamerrrr  +   1551d ago
This combined with their locations map is a life saver. Awesome work.
frostypants  +   1550d ago
Good work, but I honestly don't see why people look at this stuff. It takes away the aspect of discovery from the game, which is sort of the whole point of playing...
eak3  +   1551d ago
I did the Rueful axe quest. SPOILER ALERT COMING: But I turned it back in because I wasnt going to kill the dog and got a sweet ass heavy armor headpiece instead. 20% better prices with +10 to speechcraft and another stat. My Pally is looking sweet now, made a set of dwarven armor and found a couple of nice magical pieces also.
Heartnet  +   1550d ago
This is all in the guide book -_- just saying :)
neroprime09  +   1550d ago
Are these weapons effected by the level you get them in like in oblivion?
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Bigpappy  +   1550d ago
It has more to do with you level at using that type of weapon. So you can level up the weapon with out you leveling up, becaused you skill with that type of weapon increased.
neroprime09  +   1550d ago
No i understand that. In Oblivion some of the enchants on the unique weapons/ artifacts were dependent on the level you got them in and if you got them early they were not very useful later in the game. This is the basis of my question, is this mechanic back in this game?
WeedyOne  +   1550d ago
From what i have noticed that mechanic no longer exists. I think the weapons now level up their damage according to your current level instead of being locked to low damage because you found it at a low level.
SP3333D-O  +   1550d ago
Great stuff, thanks!
RogerFed  +   1550d ago
Nice article. I still haven't played Skyrim yet but I can't wait to get it.
SuperKing  +   1550d ago
The game is incredible. Trust me.
Mcardle  +   1550d ago
I would advise against using this, One of The Elder Scrolls greatest strengths is just exploring and finding cool items, why ruin that?
dragunrising  +   1550d ago
I agree 100%. I couldn't imagine turning to a guide unless I was certain I covered everything by my own exploration. The thrill of discovering an awesome weapon, by quest or random, is sort of tainted if you know when and where to find it. Simply put: immersion suffers. For those Skryrim players tempted by this guide (or any other)...resist! :-D
Snowii  +   1550d ago
whats the point in this guide?

the fun thing is that you can learn your self!

only noobs are desperate for good weapon guides
DarkBlood  +   1550d ago
thats true i better hope i come across a claymoore weapon sometime because im nearly 30 hours in lol
Snowii  +   1550d ago
well thats what the difficulty bar is for
TurboGamer  +   1550d ago
Where's the Umbra sword? I wonder if it's in Skyrim.
Excalibur  +   1550d ago
So what is the Umbra of Skyrim?
SP3333D-O  +   1549d ago
Where's my horse?!

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