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VG Chartz: American Sales for Black Friday Week Ending Nov. 24

VG Chartz' hardware sales for Black Friday week in North America are as below (ranked by units sold):

1. DS: 684,202
2. Wii: 421,419
3. Xbox 360: 254,680
4. PSP: 194,723
5. PS3: 174,045

The full report also includes the top ten software titles for the week for Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. (Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Industry, Nintendo DS, PS3, PSP, Super Mario Galaxy, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Wii, Xbox 360)

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Mr_Kuwabara  +   2919d ago
Wow the Wii and DS are kicking some major arse. More than 1mill if you combine them both. O.o
djt23  +   2919d ago
helll yeaa
rofldings  +   2919d ago
May have outsold in America, but PS3 outsold world wide.

PS3: 332,887
360: 332,471

That's 3 weeks in a row, looks like November + December = PS3.
Europe/Japan will pick up the slack.

And yes, wii will win this gen in # sold, but games? no.
The Killer   2919d ago | Spam
ReBurn  +   2918d ago
I voted to report your little poll as SPAM. Have a nice day.
360Crusader  +   2918d ago
North America if you please. Thats 3 countries USA, Canada, and Mexico.
And no Wii wont win this gen b/c it's not a next gen console.

Edit. Wasn't there just some thread on the 360 not doing well on Black Friday? Doesn't look like that to me

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Anything but Cute  +   2919d ago
This was rejected Yesterday, but approved today?
Anyway, again PS3 sold 174k in a week! VG chartz is make believe crap.

But if that were really true, it would be time to start celebrating.
MEGANE  +   2918d ago
VG chartz .......
sponsor by Micro soft....equal....full of crap!!
solideagle1  +   2919d ago
i thought
there was 300% rise in PS3 sales? but i guess i would have wait for the best titles that is 2008. well good luck ps3
Naruto  +   2919d ago
vgchartz is wrong
nintendo said they sold 350k wii's on the Black friday
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chester  +   2919d ago
well, this is supposedly for the week so it could be that the wii sold 350k on friday and 71000+ for the rest of the week.

really, who knows.
solideagle1  +   2919d ago
what about uncharted?
i was very skeptical about this title to do gr8 things but it turns out like naughty dog should have stick to the jak series btw how much uncharted sold? i read it sold 43k in its first week?
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2919d ago
Wasn't Uncharted released a week earlier on some stores and then released for the masses later on?

Someone please clarify. Thanx
Danja  +   2919d ago
Uncharted has only been out for a week...

Gamestop had gotten the game on the 16th..
and Major retailers got it on the 19th...

it sold 43k btwn Nov 16th-17th
and about 127k..last week..

not sure if im 100% correct Btw..
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Apocwhen  +   2919d ago
I'm glad they didn't stick to Jak and Daxter. What they've done is brought a brand new IP to the market instead of playing it safe and releasing sequel X. I've only played the demo of Uncharted and enjoyed it. Plus the reviews have all been positive towards it too so they've obviously made a great game.
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Naruto  +   2919d ago
MS haven't even release thier Black Friday sales
Anything but Cute  +   2919d ago
I'm sick of hearing about Black Friday
Why isn't it called White Friday? Damn racist bastards.
TOM  +   2919d ago
Friday was when retailers went from being unprofitable, or "in the red," to being profitable, or "in the black". Red indicated loss and black profit.
Stupid people suck.

Updated; @Itsdubc
The thing with humor is,it should be humorous.if a joke is told and it isnt funny,is it truly a joke?
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ItsDubC  +   2919d ago
Are ppl who can't pick up on quirky forms of humor considered stupid?
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HarryEtTubMan  +   2919d ago
haha this isnt right. I guarantee
Rooftrellen  +   2919d ago
Everyone knows its not exactly right.

For it to be right, every console would have had to sell an exactly round number. Of course, even NPD is +/-5%, so even if you have exact numbers, they're not going to be right.

You wasted your bubble.
power of Green  +   2919d ago
MSFT did alright considering the PS3 had all the multi platform game TV ads(most casuals and young gamers will be drawn to whats shown in their face).

MSFT is foolish for not pushing TV ads ignoring the power of them.
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Mr_Kuwabara  +   2919d ago
Hmm, I've seen a couple of 360 commercials this month. It was alright but the new PS3 commercial really impressed me the most. (The song rocked =P)

And MCSFT has the GH3 ad btw.
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xg-ei8ht  +   2919d ago
The numbers are close.

Actually when you add all the ps3 together for that week Worldwide.

Its actually outsold the 360.

by 40,000.

And yes its true.
wicked  +   2919d ago
maths failed
PS3 = 332,887
xbox= 332,471

= 416 not 40,000
SIX  +   2919d ago
Why are people still buying DS's?
Doesn't everyone have one by now?
Marceles  +   2919d ago
Apocwhen  +   2919d ago
Yeah it's crazy. But I'm sure the same can be said about the PS2 which has what...twice as many units sold as the DS?
360Crusader  +   2918d ago
Not me I refuse to buy into that hand held crap. Not when we got 360, Wii, and PS3. So I can play on my 42 inch HDTV. Not hunched over looking at some little screen.
PimpHandHappy  +   2919d ago
why do i see this everyday
fuk VG charts

they are nothing but a guess

everyday fukn day we have someone posting VG charts

i guess them not showing the real numbers is bugging ppl
PimpHandHappy  +   2919d ago
these numbers are wrong even by Nintendos own admission. How can you trust VG charts when Nintendo themselfs said they sold 350k but yet this chart has it at 650k

perfect proof that anyone that puts any faith in these numbers is a fool
Astro  +   2919d ago
Poor PS3, poor PSP. That's why Kutaragi got kicked out from Sony.
WilliamRLBaker  +   2919d ago
actually he got kicked because he was going insane in his old age and making retarded statements.
aaquib5  +   2919d ago
Wii is still king. 360 is still doing extremely well, and PS3 is doing better than usual, but struggling compared to 360 and Wii. DS once again murders PSP, and PS2 continues to do much better than PS3.
mighty_douche  +   2919d ago

That ^^ is basically how all "these" kinds of threads play out, its interesting how you go through the same arguements thread in thread out, does this become kind of monotonous...? no....?
EZCheez  +   2919d ago
I hope everyone remembers
That Sony never made any statistical statements in regards to the competition when they look at this. I'm sure a lot of people will go down on Sony for "only" selling 175,000 but that really is great in comparison to what they have been doing. Things are really looking up and to be honest I can't think of anything Sony has messed up lately. I've bought more games within this last month than I have since I owned the console and I'm in love with every single game I bought.

And I see a LOT more games to buy in the future. I just can't wait for the day when people realize just how great a console it is and what a great deal it is also.
Danja  +   2919d ago
This is totally fake...so Nintendo is now saying they sold 350k in one day..but VG charts says other wise...hmm.

We should just wait..till Official numbers are out..because everyone did great on Black Friday..overall...
G_CodeMonkey  +   2919d ago
Hope Rockband does better..
Its a sweet game, much better than GH3 (IMO). Perhaps it sold low due (in part) to low supply, and not just the sticker shock. I'd hate to see it not get the consumer support it deserves.. I ROCK on the DRUMS!!!! :) gCM
EZCheez  +   2919d ago
Can you use your headsets while playing onloine to talk?
I'm in love with the game too but I haven't tried any of the online stuff yet. The wife and I tend to rock out on our own. It would be awesome if you could actually talk and play but that sounds like a big stretch.
G_CodeMonkey  +   2918d ago
I'm afraid I haven't tried it either (online). My wife and kids jump on with me and we use the GH3 guitar for the bass. MUCH better times rocking out than SceneIt (IMO). This has got to be the ultimate party game.. We had cousins/uncles playing during Thanksgiving. Cheers! gCM
DrRage77  +   2919d ago
so after having the price drop and introduction of the 40gb ps3, it still couldn't outsell the 360, which didn't do anything aside from what it has always done, release and sell hardware and games.....

oh wait, i'll edit my comment...if the numbers are dead on (which all sony fangirls cry that vgcharts are inaccurate), then the ps3 outsold the 360 by about 400 consoles WORLDWIDE....wow, looks like the juggernaut is still asleep lol

if the ps3 continues to outsell the 360 worldwide by 400 consoles per week (1600 per month), then the ps3 will surpass the 360 in total sales in ONLY 364 YEARS!!!! wow, that sure is an ass whooping!! lol
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Naruto  +   2919d ago
VG chatz numbers is not correct DO YOU UNDERSTAND
these numbers are wrong even by Nintendos own admission. How can you trust VG charts when Nintendo themselfs said they sold 350k wii but yet this chart has it at 421k
zerolinkgannon  +   2919d ago
Maybe 350k was just for the day of black friday? As this topic clearly states week of black Friday. Just read 4.1, but who knows -shruggs shoulders- ---zerolink
tordavis  +   2919d ago
VG Chartz are more accurate than NPD.
zantetsuken  +   2919d ago
I hope that's a joke. Gamespot had an article yesterday with NPD numbers. VGChartz was no where near on target. http://www.gamespot.com/new...
tordavis  +   2919d ago
You can't prove who has more accurate stats. People claim NPD have more accurate stats because they get paid to do them. They however, leave out certain retail chains. Prove to me that NPD stats are more accurate if you think I'm wrong.
titntin  +   2919d ago
In the world of projections, sample size and diversity is everything.

NPD has a far far greater sample size , across a bigger demographic of games sellers, than VGchartz is ever likely to achieve.

Historically, NPD has always been extremely accurate, whereas VGchartz has proved to be wide of the mark in many of its previous figures.

If nothing else, it does point to trends and provides a discussion point. I just wish people didn't try using it to prop up riduculous fanboy proganda for one camp or another - or try and claim that VGchartz figures are completely accurate, when histroy has show they are not.
Reanimator  +   2919d ago
Gamespot error
Did'nt SONY claim 300% increase over last year's Black Friday sales?? Gamespot's extrapolation is based on last WEEK's sales. Big difference!!!
CrazzyMan  +   2919d ago
PS3 outsold x360 WORLDWIDE AGAIN.. =)
USA won`t save x360. R.I.P. =))
karlostomy  +   2918d ago
@ crazyman
the ps3 outsold the 360 again?

what does that make it now...?
3 weeks out of the last 70 weeks? way to go sony.

At this rate the mighty ps3 will catch up by... err.. never. lol
367 To Your Ass  +   2919d ago
look at this in the one year wii has had it already superseded 360 by allot
and ps3 isn't even close to this, and it's been out the same time as the Wii.(OK i know so it was the price tag that was doing it to the ps3) i'm pretty sure ps4's role model will be the Wii, (in terms of price tag, or maybe $100 more than Wii)
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Reanimator  +   2919d ago
Yes you can talk and play
To EZCheeze...
Yes you can. It all depends on which headset you use. The standard one that comes with the 360 allows you to talk and listen to chat through the one ear, and listen to the game through TV/Sound system. However there a number of 3rd party headphones that are better. I use a 5.1 headset from Tritton that blends both chat and game sound into headset, true 5.1 optical/coaxle digital sound (can turn off audio system). The sound and separation is incredible. Mind you, I do not have GH3 or Rock Band, but I use it for all my games (H3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, GRAW2, etc...). A bit pricey, but cannot be beat for gaming late at night, without disturbing neighbors/loved ones.
FirstknighT  +   2919d ago
The 360 has been selling over 100k a week since Sept. That is unreal. And it continues to grow. WOW!!! No need for a price cut here, the 360 games do the talking.
arjaybee  +   2919d ago
NPD doesn't include numbers from the world's largest retailer, WAL MART!! VGChartz is every bit as reliable as NPD...as for the Nintendo/VG Chartz difference...Nintendo reported their Black Friday number which is the biggest shopping day of the year, VG Chartz' numbers are for the whole week. Rock Band took a huge beatdown at retail. The Guitar Hero 3 bundles are $60 dollars less than the Rock Band bundle and the Rock Band game only didn't sell either. Guitar Hero 3 is crushing Rock Band. Goes to show that price does matter and reviewers who get these games free aren't that objective when it comes to determining a value purchase. We don't have unlimited means to get these games. There are at least 10 games that I want this holiday season and there just isn't enough money to go around...that's roughly $600 to $700 worth of games. I thought that all things considered Mass Effect did alright for an RPG in such a crowded market. Once again, Nintendo makes a great move by pushing back Super Smash Bros. Brawl to next spring. Nintendo, in it's glory days was worth more than Toyota in Japan...I think they are headed to new found glory with the Wii and DS...just think, it wasn't too long ago that people were killing Nintendo for changing the name of the console from the Revolution to the Wii, now look...the videogame revolution is being dominated by Nintendo. I own a Wii and a 360, but I have no reason at all to buy a PS3...they have nothing of value that isn't available on the other systems until sometime next year and these numbers bear that out. When you're at the very bottom you can't help but go up during the holidays, but by comparison the PS3 is still struggling...maybe Sony will get it together by the end of 2008.
antoinetm  +   2919d ago
Finally statistics that make sense.
(Amount sold relative to install base)

Instead of the usual absolute amount or $ amount.
karlostomy  +   2918d ago
please can you clarify
why the stat 'amount sold relative to install base' is any good?

Using this stat, ps2 software sales look absolutely atrocious!
And yet, most rational people consider the ps2 a runaway success...
367 To Your Ass  +   2919d ago
you know what.
ps3 is pretty cool :)
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TUFFnNYC  +   2919d ago
VGCharts is more accurate than NPD....NPD is more accurate then VGCharts. It never ends. Anyway, these have to be wrong. With all the official press releases they dont match these numbers.
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