VG Chartz: American Sales for Black Friday Week Ending Nov. 24

VG Chartz' hardware sales for Black Friday week in North America are as below (ranked by units sold):

1. DS: 684,202
2. Wii: 421,419
3. Xbox 360: 254,680
4. PSP: 194,723
5. PS3: 174,045

The full report also includes the top ten software titles for the week for Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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Mr_Kuwabara3916d ago

Wow the Wii and DS are kicking some major arse. More than 1mill if you combine them both. O.o

rofldings3916d ago

May have outsold in America, but PS3 outsold world wide.

PS3: 332,887
360: 332,471

That's 3 weeks in a row, looks like November + December = PS3.
Europe/Japan will pick up the slack.

And yes, wii will win this gen in # sold, but games? no.

3916d ago
ReBurn3915d ago

I voted to report your little poll as SPAM. Have a nice day.

360Crusader3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

North America if you please. Thats 3 countries USA, Canada, and Mexico.
And no Wii wont win this gen b/c it's not a next gen console.

Edit. Wasn't there just some thread on the 360 not doing well on Black Friday? Doesn't look like that to me

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Anything but Cute3916d ago

Anyway, again PS3 sold 174k in a week! VG chartz is make believe crap.

But if that were really true, it would be time to start celebrating.

MEGANE3915d ago

sponsor by Micro soft....equal....full of crap!!

solideagle13916d ago

there was 300% rise in PS3 sales? but i guess i would have wait for the best titles that is 2008. well good luck ps3

Naruto3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

nintendo said they sold 350k wii's on the Black friday

chester3916d ago

well, this is supposedly for the week so it could be that the wii sold 350k on friday and 71000+ for the rest of the week.

really, who knows.

solideagle13916d ago

i was very skeptical about this title to do gr8 things but it turns out like naughty dog should have stick to the jak series btw how much uncharted sold? i read it sold 43k in its first week?

Mr_Kuwabara3916d ago

Wasn't Uncharted released a week earlier on some stores and then released for the masses later on?

Someone please clarify. Thanx

Danja3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Uncharted has only been out for a week...

Gamestop had gotten the game on the 16th..
and Major retailers got it on the 19th...

it sold 43k btwn Nov 16th-17th
and about 127k..last week..

not sure if im 100% correct Btw..

Apocwhen3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

I'm glad they didn't stick to Jak and Daxter. What they've done is brought a brand new IP to the market instead of playing it safe and releasing sequel X. I've only played the demo of Uncharted and enjoyed it. Plus the reviews have all been positive towards it too so they've obviously made a great game.

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The story is too old to be commented.