The Greatest Video Game Endings of All Time

Gamerhelp has put together a video montage of some of the greatest video game endings of all time.

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led10903949d ago

well the ending of crysis isnt gonna make that list any time soon i can assure u;)

predator3949d ago

that bad? dont tell me what happens just yes or no lol

Danja3949d ago

Neither will Assassins Creed..!!!

led10903949d ago

its like after this awesome final boss fight when u think that u have completed the game thats when crytek decides to put in a cliffhanger ending....amazing game quite possibly the best i've every played but the ending vid sucks

iNcRiMiNaTi3949d ago

i forgot about that kazuya ending...pure badass

Marceles3949d ago

lol...i loved that tekken 2 Kazuya ending.

belal3949d ago

i hoppe that mgs3 is on that list, if not im gonna get pissed

Mr_Kuwabara3949d ago

NO Metal Gear Ending = Failed list

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