Sony to Open New Studio in India

Sony Online Entertainment LLC plans to set up a development studio in India for online games that would have local content and a local partner, a company official said Wednesday.
The company is talking to a couple of game developers in India and aims to set up the studio early next year,
said David Christensen, vice president, business development and international operations.

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bluecapone3948d ago

perfect since online gaming is very big over there

The Killer3948d ago

i think that the first step!! if they prove them selfs then the studio will be much bigger and finally we will see huge games like god of war or prince of India :)

lawman11083948d ago

and so does everybody that lives in that toilet.

Vip3r3947d ago

For us to take them away.

ruibing3947d ago

I don't know how to classify a person like you who insults people whose heritage, ethnicity, and skin color differ from your own. Stop promoting xenophobia when you do your daily attacks on Sony.

bym051d3947d ago

Let me guess, all of their games are going to be made by people named "Bob," "Jim," or "Ann."