Final Fantasy XIII-2 Jump Scan

This week’s Jump has a look at Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s Crystarium system.

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pedrami911656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Holy S*** !

It's back !?

Endless_X1656d ago

Yeah :D since last month

pedrami911656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Just checked out the site going all the way back on the last page to see what news was posted first there.

PsERSONA1656d ago

Freakin' awesome. (:

I was shocked to see the URL myself. lol

Godmars2901656d ago

I have no idea what you're talking.

And given that I've written off this game, literally cannot think or say anything good about it, I guess its probably for the best.

Godmars2901656d ago

Because I thought pedrami91 talking about FFXIII-2 was getting a beta, which would be the WTF of all WTFs. Instead he's talking about the site the article is on being back up.

Tanir1656d ago

Serah is so cute. Game will be fun :D......hope one of Noel's alternate outfits is Squall's from FF8.

his current outfit sucks right now. otherwise he is cool