PS3 is Linked to Quality Home Entertainment

Once considered just for kids, video games are now a celebrated part of even the highest end home theater setups. The PS3, with its ability to play a multitude of media formats, including Blu-ray, makes it one of the hottest trends for this 2007 holiday season.

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A_Gamer3949d ago

It sure is a huge part of my entertainment setup, if not to say its the center of my setup. A great system to have.

LSDARBY3949d ago

Its the center of my set up, i use it as a dvd player as it upscales, i use it as a blu-ray player, games console & i use it if i wanna watch something on youtube or read something on the net cus i can have it on a big screen :D

name3949d ago

The ps3 sells because it's purrty. You look important with that sitting in front of your TV.

zPlayer3948d ago

i just stare at it. (j/k)

PimpHandHappy3949d ago

it is the better Home Entertainment Hub

with blueray and internet browser

its my Hub and i couldnt be happier

gamesblow3949d ago

My ps3 is the center of my entertainment room. Blu-ray, upscaled dvds, web browser, ps1,ps2,ps3 games... linux with full music catalog. It's everything all in 1 and it's fantastic!

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The story is too old to be commented.