UGO: Ghost Squad review

Sega-AM2's coin-op rail shooter Ghost Squad has been ported to the Nintendo Wii. Don't let the original game's 2004 release scare you off though. The Wii is not a graphical powerhouse; this works to the game's advantage, allowing dated graphics to easily be overlooked in favor of entertaining gameplay. A seemingly limited offering on the surface, Ghost Squad's three short levels are bolstered by multiple branching paths in each mission, a number of time- and score-based minigames, a ridiculous assortment of unlockables (costumes, weapons and more) and full co-op support in both a Party Mode as well as in the main Arcade Mode. Not to mention Wii Zapper-friendly gameplay and a very fair asking price. UGO gives Ghost Squad an overall rating of B.

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wiizy3950d ago

sounds like its worth a purchase