Deus Ex 3: Five things you can be pretty sure of

CVG write:

1. It'll be primarily a console game. Sorry. We wish it weren't so, but all major multi-platform titles are these days, and it's definitely not going to be a PC exclusive.

2. It won't take after Invisible War - at least not intentionally. Deus Ex 2 wasn't an accident, it was an intentional shift toward a shorter game type with more freedom in which factions you could work for, and a further future sci-fi setting. And given the general fanbase reaction to it, no sane developer in the world is going to try that again.

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Multigamer3884d ago

hope they dont screw this up

Zhuk3884d ago

invisible war was a good game and worthy sequel to Deus Ex, it's just that the hype and aura that had built around the original made expectations nearly impossible to keep.

All it took was the fact that the game was obviously designed with consoles in mind and the games fate was sealed amongst the elitist crowd.

I have no doubt Deus Ex 3 will be another great game but I know that no matter how good it is it will never be good enough for the hardcore fans, shame really

Skerj3883d ago

No other FPS has touched Deus Ex in my eyes, and I'm pretty much counting on everything in that list to be true. Especially #4, because I've said that about EVERY story driven FPS except HL2.

bluecapone3883d ago

never heard of this game before

rushbd3883d ago

as long as they create the game separately for Xbox 360 ans PS3. I'll have to play this one on console.

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The story is too old to be commented.