Spunwicked | Skyrim PS3 Review

Dunk Reynolds, editor of Spunwicked writes, "Let me make one thing clear before I begin, Skyrim is absolutely massive. I have played the Elder Scrolls V for close to twenty hours now in a bid to get a feel for the PS3 version of the game and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s on offer."

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SIX2220d ago

I'm so torn with this. Im not a big fan of fallout. Would I like this game?

TheDivine2220d ago

Idk it does feel alot like fallout but everything is bigger and better. If you like fantasy settings at all id say go for it. Best thing to do is watch youtube walkthroughs of the action and exploring, if it clicks it clicks.

D3mons0ul2220d ago

So it feels more like Fallout than classic elder scrolls like Morrowind even though the designs were made in the same vein as morrowind as opposed to Oblivion/Current Gen Fallout?

SP3333D-O2219d ago

I hated Oblivion. I liked Fallout 3 better but was underwhelmed and became bored. Skyrim reminds me of Red Dead Redemption, which I loved, but I think Skyrim is even better. I'm not an RPG fanatic, but this game keeps me engrossed for hours on end (until I force myself to stop playing).

SIX2220d ago

Thanks for the advice. If there weren't so many games this would have been a no brainer. Just came out at a wrong time for me I guess. I'll pick it up during slow season.

spunwicked2219d ago

This game is boss. Make no mistake, this will last as one of the greats for many years to come.

ssb31732212d ago

great score for a great game, nice