UT3 Review: 9/10 from Game Informer

Like Unreal Tournament 2004 before it, there's an almost overwhelming amount of content packed into Unreal Tournament 3. Dozens of maps, mutators, and several excellent modes are available out of the box for your fragging pleasure, and the action is as fast and tight as fans expect out of this lauded franchise. Front-end depth in terms of unlockables, stat-tracking, and social features may be lacking compared to other modern games like Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4, but the brilliant gameplay is a showstopper on its own.

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Captain Tuttle3918d ago

But after their last couple of rounds of reviews I'm becoming skeptical...95 for AC and 98 for ME. Both great games but with big enough flaws that those scores are really high I think. They just want to build hype and move games out the door.

PimpHandHappy3918d ago

there reviews alot

but then i see they gave Uncharted a 8.75 so maybe im wrong

still might buy this game

Keyser3917d ago

are normally fairly accurate based on how I feel after I play a game but they don't line up 100% (no one does). They are more consistent to me than a lot of sites but...

I trust no gaming site on whether I purchase or not. I'm a gamer so I play and make my own decision.