Xbox 360 and PC Now Supporting Networked Games Via New XNA

XNA Game studio is a game development toolkit that supports both Windows and the XBox 360. The initial edition was targeted directly at hobbyists and released as an extension to C# Express Edition.

The beta for XNA 2.0 brings the toolkit closer to the world of professional developers. The number one feature is that it now supports all versions of Visual Studio 2005. This unlocks tools such as integrated source control and testing frameworks. Multi-threaded debugging is enhanced and developers can use any VS Add-In they may have.

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TriggerHappy3913d ago

It wont be longed before amateur developers are making insanely fun MMO games with cross platform capabilities on 360 and PC.

Skerj3913d ago

I've been hoping XNA catches on, MS did something rad when they started building that. It needs to get pushed more to indie devs to make more original XBLA titles instead of high res versions of things we can play on mame.

candystop3913d ago

So will XNA ever be used in big titles or are they slowy evolving it to one day get there?

G_CodeMonkey3913d ago

There will be more coming. I've messed around with it and think its pretty cool-- I now despise C++ and like the friendliness of C#. Now if they'd just get rid of the stupid subscription fee to try your work in progress on your 360... gCM

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predator3913d ago

once i build my new pc this will get downloaded, i am currently learning C# and VB to try get in the industry, hopfully will be able to create somthinh with this to go with my CV, i have a few ideas, 1 that im proud off cos Rare actually responded to me about it.

iNcRiMiNaTi3913d ago

im tryin to get in the field too, but right now all i know about is character modeling and basic stuff like photoshop and flash for designs...for the modeling i use maxon cinema 4d and 3d studio gonna learn those programming language and stuff soon...i was also trying to find a good website for practice but i dont know any good ones

Vip3r3913d ago

Does this mean live will be coming to the PC and if it does will that mean PC gamers will have to pay the same as the 360 owners?

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