Will Wii draw FPS players from Xbox 360 and PS3?

With popularity soaring for the Wii, new and innovative ways to use the system is the next big step to take with the console. Nintendo has already announced their version of a new shooter accessory, but it will be third party companies that will pave the way for the most interesting of accessories.

In September Nintendo announced the final form of a new accessory for the Wii named the "Wii Zapper". Packaged with the game "Link's Crossbow Training", the Wii accessory was to help emulate a shooting device. Although functional, it does leave one reminiscing over a similarly named accessory for the original NES.

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TriggerHappy3954d ago

I highly doubt that will ever happen, as 'stylish' and appealing the wii Zapper may appear to consumers, hardcore FPS gamers will always stay with nextgen gaming systems and PC

360sucks3954d ago

wii games look like sh!t

BrotherNick3954d ago

If the games didn't look crappy would you try it? The controls are quite intuitive.

Shadow Flare3954d ago

yeah, uh no. I don't think FPS fans will be reverting to the wii anytime soon. Get real, uh....Killzone 2 or...Super Mario Zapp. Um Halo 3 or, ...Luigi's Wii Blaster Training...i mean no. Just no

unsunghero283954d ago

Metroid Prime 3 was pimpin'.

If the new IP that Nintendo plans to announce is a mature shooter (which is admittedly unlikely) then Nintendo could get themselves a monopoly.

MaximusPrime_3954d ago

i can do wii zap. in the toilet.

solar3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

the aiming in metroid prime 3 was very very fun. i could see wii games having great online fps's with that type of controol scheme...but with the wii graphics no freaking chance in hell. i like my fps's bright and pretty. the wii cant satisfy my needs.

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The story is too old to be commented.