Epic Deconsolify Unreal Tournament III

CVG reports:

"A beta version of the UT3 patch is out, and it's awesome for at least two reasons. 1) It fixes lots of complaints we and other UT fans had about the awkward and over-restrictive menu and server browser, and b) it's backwards compatible.

That would be a total no-brainer in any other area of software design, but it's so rare in game patches that I'm actually going to have to explain what it means. It means you can still play with people who don't have the patch. That curious sound is the collective jaws of Valve, DICE and Blizzard hitting the floor."

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predator3948d ago

rowland u beat me to this by a sec, lol nice 1

solar3948d ago

i hope this carries over to the ps3 version cuz id like to know how what killed me. and those cooky server finding issues...

led10903948d ago

shows that epic still cares bout pc gamers

mighty_douche3948d ago

PC is they're bread N butter, with out the PC there would be no Epic.

PS360WII3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

and without PC gamers wanting games for free (torrents) there would be no Epic console games.

edit: lol disagree all you want to bad it's true

Skerj3948d ago

GOOD, I'm surprised they didn't realize the UI wasn't suited for a PC game while beta testing it, even though we were very vocal about it then anyway. I'll log on later and see how it's changed.

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