Tech-Gaming | The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

Skyrim is destined for more than game of the year accolades, and is quite likely to be remembered as the definitive title of this console generation.

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madmad2221d ago

I really need to get this game!

mediastudies2221d ago

Skyrim deserves nothing less than an A!

sharpsword2221d ago

Good review. It didn't take me 200 hours to read it.

cyntell2221d ago

I'm really hating myself waiting for the goty edition, but at least it gives me a chance to play some other games and for them to fix most of the problems.

TheDivine2221d ago

I always want to wait because they always have an ultamate edition like dragon age, f3, new vegas, and divinity 2 but i cant ever do it. I gave in and am glad i did. I couldnt imagine waiting over a year to play this game. Hope theres some epic expansions for me to buy and you to get free with your version lol.

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