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Submitted by TriggerHappy 2992d ago | review

The Power of the PS3 Highlighted by A Jungle Adventure

From :

"Hear that? It's the sound of Sony revving its engine. Like a post-pubescent kid just finding his voice and confidence, the PlayStation 3 system has some swagger these days. It's on a roll with a roster of tremendous new titles and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a star player." (PS3, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune) 4/5

MaximusPrime_  +   2992d ago
thats why..
... ive preordered it. (im in UK. Due to be releases next friday)
PimpHandHappy  +   2992d ago
remember ppl
if you take a bubble from the Trolls they will soon go away and stick with there own kind

thank you and have a great day

I'll be on COD or Warhawk or maybe Assissins Creed or Maybe uncharted or maybe even Tekken online

if anyone wants to fight with guns bombs or fists look me up

PS3PCFTW  +   2991d ago
haha......... warhawk.

what a masterpiece.

mad love for uncharted too. especially when the new enemies come out around chapter 17.

the ps3 is like Picasso's sketchbook.
PS3PCFTW  +   2991d ago
put the volume up.
play this movie.

it takes what heavenly sword did and multiplies it by 10
TheMART  +   2992d ago
Although being the best the PS3 has to offer now, this sounds dissapointing:

"Unfortunately, one of the bewildering things here is the game's rigid linear structure. This wondrous land should be Drake's playground but it is loaded with virtual "Keep Off" signs. All you can do is stick to the path. It's unfathomable that the images on the screen can be so carefully and lovingly rendered, yet something as basic as freedom of movement is ignored.

It's beauty behind a cage."
TriggerHappy  +   2992d ago
Not really Mart, you are playing Uncharted Drake Game and not Grand Theft Auto Game with a bunch of paths that you can take. If the reviewer wants freedom, play a GTA game..
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MaximusPrime_  +   2992d ago
go and play pong
gamesblow  +   2992d ago
You obviously haven't played it... It's not as linear as you might be lead to believe. Trust me... Also, Gears of War was heavily path ridden. So is Halo... DMC games... What's you or their point? This isn't an open ended adventure it plays like it reads... A book and movie. Simple as that. It's a cinematic master piece if you ask me.
xg-ei8ht  +   2992d ago
Gears does the exact same thing.

Many places you cannot go, its linear. Once in a blu-ray,oops moon. you get the chance to go left or right.

Mart you cannot deny that uncharted spanks any 360 game graphically.

That is just plain and simple fact.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2992d ago
Hmm that statement reminds me of someone that reviewed MGS3 saying pretty much the exact same thing although it didn't really bother him/me that much; he gave it a 10 anyways =P.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2992d ago
MART doesn`t play GAMES.
he trashes them.

drinking the haterade.
BigPappaPump  +   2992d ago
Marty boy doesn't say the same $hit about his precious Gears. Stop being a hating troll and continue to enjoy your 8th refurbish X-plode 360.
Killjoy3000  +   2991d ago
haha youre such a fanboy
PS3n360  +   2991d ago
Although I hate all the stupid names people give to the xbox I have to conceed that that one is pretty good, especially since I am at home sick and my xplode360 is sent in for repair. I am bored to tears right now.
SmokeyMcBear  +   2991d ago
haha marty boy.. everyone knows you are so envious of this game.. its so transparent. And yes, gears was very linear as was halo3 singleplayer. oh and about halo3, if you have played it, im sure a lot of you have, how many times did they reuse the maps for levels.. ok go here along this path.. now go back the same way you came.. i always had that (havent i been here before?)
dronde  +   2992d ago
you are damn right gamesblow. Reviewers nowadays looks for any bit of negatives to add up in PS3's reviews.
360sucks  +   2992d ago
@TheMART at Xboxkings
his mommy wont buy him a ps3
he's a 40 year old man
still living in his moms basement
his mommy got him a 360
last year for christmas
get a job bum
ericnellie  +   2992d ago
I've already
preordered mine! This game is gonna be sick! I think the storyline will even be above our expectations!
Shadow Man  +   2991d ago
don't worry it is
the story is fantastic as are the characters
Vip3r  +   2992d ago
I pre-ordered mine but it's an xmas present. The demo still has good replay value though.
iceice123  +   2992d ago
"The Power of the PS3 Highlighted by A Jungle Adventure"
Ouch, if this is the power of the PS3 then wow...what a let down. Looks like this is as good as it gets for you guys, It's a shame too, PS3 has been out for a year and maxes itself out on this.

@ both below: You find uncharted to be the best looking console game? Damn, I guess you have not been gaming for the past two years then?

Gears, a year old game is better looking.

Mass Effect, obviously better looking.

CoD4, a multiplat game looks as good if not better and is running at 60fps.

So unless you've been hiding in Sony's offices for the past two years than I guess a game like UC can look like the best.

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digger18  +   2992d ago
"PS3 has been out for a year and maxes itself out on this."

What the hell are you on!!!! The game uses around 26% of the total power of PS3.

I have both the 360 and PS3 and I can see the 360 getting maxed out already, what with games like Mass effect, that has bad frame rates and graphic glithes.

People like you and Mart talk such rubbish all the bloody time, damn how old are you both???
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2992d ago
that just proved how JEALOUS you are.
anyone who can`t admit Uncharted is the best looking console game to date, has some serious denial issues.


your NOT on ignore, just so i can laugh at you, simpleton.
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Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2992d ago
you a FOOL
to prove a point you POST GeoW concept art.

ive played gears.

Ive played Mass Effect(Great Game) but sadly doesn`t even come close to Uncharted, graphics/animations.

it close in graphics, but miles away in animations.

Call Of Duty 4 looks Great but you know why its 600p, right.

the same reason HALO3 is

and the same reason RC:FTOD is NOT.

IceWAke you need to wake up.

see you on PSN next year.
Ju  +   2992d ago
I have no idea how GoW and ME compares to UC, but CoD4 does not stand a chance. The level of detail and interaction in UC is unmatched with a quality easily surpassing CoD4. The 30fps compared to 60fps do not have an impact at all. The gameplay is slower in UC, while arcade in CoD4 which benefits from the 60fds. Yet, the framerate never drops (in either one). UC uses a LOT (!) more visual effects then CoD4: Depth blur, real (!) dynamic motion blur, volumetric explosions, real smoke, better lightning (and constant changing between light and dark), higher texture resolution and way longer draw distance in UC, better character models and gestures and a way better animation system, and interactive environment (e.g. plants) not to forget real (!) fluid dynamics (e.g. water). I have both, and I can do a direct comparison. How did you play UC on your 360 to make a statement like this ?
Vip3r  +   2992d ago
If you think that Gears is somehow better looking than UC then UT3 is better than gears. The devs said themselves that it looks and plays better on the PS3 than Gears on the 360.
Killjoy3000  +   2991d ago
actually theyre just saying it highlights its power so stfu and try to understand what youre talking about before blabbering your fanboy talk
jorellpogi  +   2991d ago
I have a copy of ME and GEOW and UC has far superior graphics. You have to open you eyes with obvious facts. UC is a visual feast unmatched by none this year.
man0fsteel  +   2991d ago
why would u
use pre-rendered pictures and not real time... they are all great games but uncharted clearly has better graphics. Check out my pic attachments

Related image(s)
Shadow Man  +   2991d ago
nice comparison manofsteel
does each game justice with a similar camera angle UC>GeOW>ME in my opinion ME loses specifically because of framerate and i felt the side mission world were almost copy and past but oh well
sketchy2k  +   2991d ago
Not flaming, disagreeing
Gears, whilst nice looking is no comparison, and, in my opinion is in many ways more linear - yet still an awesome game. Mass Effect does not look better - period. COD4 - you may have a point here, it's beautiful and immersive. Having played on my systems or currently owning the games i'm commenting has helped my decision, i have relevant settings for 360 and ps3 so no bs 'tv settings' responses please. I would say however that Uncharted has been the only game that made me 'wow', from a visuals perspective when i was playing; something that not even Assassins creed did - probably though due to all that hype by Ubisoft. Also please don't forget that this is the start of second generation games for Ps3, 360 is nicely established - i want all of my consoles to keep providing those gaming moments that stick with us for years, this, for me was the start of those moments on PS3
MIAMIFROST  +   2992d ago
THE MART get off our threads are a waste of space. You never have anything intelligent to say. All you do is appear on every sony thread to bash it. GET A LIFE!! You should go play HALO with xxxGAYBOYxxx.
Killjoy3000  +   2991d ago
Zhuk  +   2992d ago
The graphical issues are a turnoff for this game, imagine how much better this would run on Xbox 360
digger18  +   2992d ago
What graphical issues, what like the ones I'm getting on Mass effect?
iceice123  +   2992d ago
Xbox 360 Tag: -
PS3 Tag: -
Mii Tag (Wii): -

Playing Mass Effect ORLY? Yeah didn't think so :)
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2992d ago
Zhuk you need to understand that if they would've made this game for the 360, it'll look exactly like your avatar.
remix  +   2992d ago
if your a ps3 fanboy trying to make 360 fanboys look stupid, you have accomplished your mission
the developers already said that they would have to compress the whole game to fit on dvd. the freakin demo wouldnt even fit on a dvd.

and if MINOR AND I MEAN MINOR graphical issues would turn you away, then you might as well not even look at mass effect.

dont be jealous, i can see it in your comment. how sad.
PimpHandHappy  +   2992d ago
hey Zuk
whats it like to come into a PS3 thread and bash a game with a comment like that.

grapical issues?!?!?!

Like what? Are you talking about how they used colors and make the world alive. Is that the issue you have?

When you beat the game go into rewards and turn on nextgen filter to see what it would look like on a 360.

Thing is Zuk this game is just one of many new killer franchises Sony has given its fans in its first year. Your 360 has gotten a few new franchises. Very few

mainly you guys get games that you have played b4.
Killjoy3000  +   2991d ago
do you understand!!it cant run on 360 you moron
hardcorehippiez  +   2991d ago
yea right !!!
why imagine something that could and will not ever happen. dream on , there is no hope in hell that this game could run on an xbox360
man0fsteel  +   2991d ago
dude zhuk
you have graphical issues :p
SmokeyMcBear  +   2991d ago
ahahahahahahahaha.. ahahahaha oh man.. my sides.. that was awesome zhuk.. a great one indeed. This game playing on the 360 would be fun.. you know, insane loading times ( i'm sure they could place an elevator somewhere), constant framerate drops, no more than 3 enemies on screen at once, and at most times some robot turret that doesnt move.. but Im sure they could throw in 10 hours of conversation pieces that make no difference in the final outcome of the game) it would be so much better on the 360
AIZEN SOZUKE  +   2992d ago
its lovely to see people say best looking console game
when its the best looking game on any platform, and ps3 isnt a console
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2992d ago
or maybe its just better for me NOT to ask.
Maddens Raiders  +   2992d ago
Can't wait -
to buy this game!
PimpHandHappy  +   2992d ago
Hey Mart stop being a TROLL and enjoy what you have
and we all know you dont have Uncharted

if you want to get into a free roam world then get AC. Uncharted might lead you down a path but its not like that path is a bunch of long hallways with little goofy aliens. It doesnt feel all that linear if you have played it and that is a fact. Im on my secound run on this game and it is very good.

Im starting to think if Sony didnt ask 600bucks on launch and wasnt so hyped up about the power of the cell more of you 360fanboys wouldnt be filled with such silly hate. You couldnt afford it and MS gave you reasons to not buy one. That reason being a large slew of FPS's because we all know thats what the 360 and its American fanbase are all about!

PimpHandHappy  +   2992d ago
Uncharted is the best action adventure game on any nextgen system this year. Its a shame that the 360 doesnt give its fans more games like this.

i say the same about Heavonly Sword. You dont see many games like that on a 360 if any.

Maybe they will port over HS and maybe God of War.

please hold your breath
Relientk77  +   2992d ago
the demo for this game just totally kicks ass ... i cant wait to get the game christmas morn

ForROME  +   2991d ago
Hey Mart, and GOW was so non linear right? riiiiiiiiiiiiight as usual your comments add nothing
MIAMIFROST  +   2991d ago
Im losing bubbles....
Why am I losing bubbles, because I made fun of The MART. Whatever, that guy has more bubbles and all he does is bash PS3. I simply bash the bashers. - PS3 fans, hook me up with bubbles so I can continue to XBOX fanboys how g@y they are ! LOL !
PS3PCFTW  +   2991d ago
+ bubbles for u buddy
jazzmanb  +   2991d ago
just beat uncharted and while it looks good,it doesnt touch gears and bioshock in the graphics department..thougfht id point out the obvious..
TrooGamer  +   2991d ago
Trolling again????

Do you even own a PS3? Get over it the game is beautful & its only on PS3
boodybandit  +   2991d ago
what is your PSN ID?
NanoGeekTech  +   2991d ago
Do not get it..........
I have GOW and have beaten Bioshock and I have only play the demo for Uncharted and at the minimum the graphic are on par with GOW and better than Bioshock. It is blatant......Did you really play Uncharted? Did you play it on a Black N White 19" TV? or are you just trolling?
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wh0am1  +   2991d ago
4 times
i've beaten it 4 times since i bought it

it just draws you in EVERY TIME

it's never just couple of minutes
an hour or two will pass until i realize how long I've spent with it
monkey nuts  +   2991d ago
Uncharted is an amazing game. End of. No comparison needed.
#19 (Edited 2991d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
crank  +   2991d ago
bubbles matter not and mart is gay

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