The Power of the PS3 Highlighted by A Jungle Adventure

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"Hear that? It's the sound of Sony revving its engine. Like a post-pubescent kid just finding his voice and confidence, the PlayStation 3 system has some swagger these days. It's on a roll with a roster of tremendous new titles and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a star player."

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MaximusPrime_3742d ago

... ive preordered it. (im in UK. Due to be releases next friday)

PimpHandHappy3741d ago

if you take a bubble from the Trolls they will soon go away and stick with there own kind

thank you and have a great day

I'll be on COD or Warhawk or maybe Assissins Creed or Maybe uncharted or maybe even Tekken online

if anyone wants to fight with guns bombs or fists look me up


PS3PCFTW3741d ago

haha......... warhawk.

what a masterpiece.

mad love for uncharted too. especially when the new enemies come out around chapter 17.

the ps3 is like Picasso's sketchbook.

PS3PCFTW3741d ago

put the volume up.
play this movie.

it takes what heavenly sword did and multiplies it by 10

TheMART3742d ago

Although being the best the PS3 has to offer now, this sounds dissapointing:

"Unfortunately, one of the bewildering things here is the game's rigid linear structure. This wondrous land should be Drake's playground but it is loaded with virtual "Keep Off" signs. All you can do is stick to the path. It's unfathomable that the images on the screen can be so carefully and lovingly rendered, yet something as basic as freedom of movement is ignored.

It's beauty behind a cage."

TriggerHappy3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Not really Mart, you are playing Uncharted Drake Game and not Grand Theft Auto Game with a bunch of paths that you can take. If the reviewer wants freedom, play a GTA game..

gamesblow3742d ago

You obviously haven't played it... It's not as linear as you might be lead to believe. Trust me... Also, Gears of War was heavily path ridden. So is Halo... DMC games... What's you or their point? This isn't an open ended adventure it plays like it reads... A book and movie. Simple as that. It's a cinematic master piece if you ask me.

xg-ei8ht3742d ago

Gears does the exact same thing.

Many places you cannot go, its linear. Once in a blu-ray,oops moon. you get the chance to go left or right.

Mart you cannot deny that uncharted spanks any 360 game graphically.

That is just plain and simple fact.

Mr_Kuwabara3742d ago

Hmm that statement reminds me of someone that reviewed MGS3 saying pretty much the exact same thing although it didn't really bother him/me that much; he gave it a 10 anyways =P.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3742d ago

he trashes them.

drinking the haterade.

BigPappaPump3741d ago

Marty boy doesn't say the same $hit about his precious Gears. Stop being a hating troll and continue to enjoy your 8th refurbish X-plode 360.

PS3n3603741d ago

Although I hate all the stupid names people give to the xbox I have to conceed that that one is pretty good, especially since I am at home sick and my xplode360 is sent in for repair. I am bored to tears right now.

SmokeyMcBear3741d ago

haha marty boy.. everyone knows you are so envious of this game.. its so transparent. And yes, gears was very linear as was halo3 singleplayer. oh and about halo3, if you have played it, im sure a lot of you have, how many times did they reuse the maps for levels.. ok go here along this path.. now go back the same way you came.. i always had that (havent i been here before?)

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dronde3742d ago

you are damn right gamesblow. Reviewers nowadays looks for any bit of negatives to add up in PS3's reviews.

360sucks3742d ago

his mommy wont buy him a ps3
he's a 40 year old man
still living in his moms basement
his mommy got him a 360
last year for christmas
get a job bum

ericnellie3742d ago

preordered mine! This game is gonna be sick! I think the storyline will even be above our expectations!

Shadow Man3741d ago

the story is fantastic as are the characters

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