Skyrim Spoiler Free Tips and Hints

Tips for new players or before you get going, no spoilers – just help!

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bwazy2353d ago

Fun little tips, no spoilers either. Wish there were more though.

fingersports2353d ago

Hard to find the balance between not giving away spoilers and helpful hints.

Coffin872352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Fully agree. I don't read 99% of the Skyrim articles and didn't see any trailer besides the original announcement trailer.
FULLY worth it. Best game I have played in a WHOLE f*in while. Spent the whole weekend playing it, 10/10 game so far, don't expect that to change.
But this article was really spoiler-free. Good read.
Glad I hang with Light Armor! =D Wasn't sure about it at first.

jjb19812352d ago

I figured that light armor trick when I quickly ran out of stamina...