Nintendo's best week ever

Last week was the best Nintendo has ever had, the company announced today. During the first week of the Holiday season, Nintendo of America sold more Nintendo products than at any other time in its history. From November 18th to November 24th, the company managed to sell more than 653 000 Nintendo DS's, 350 000 Wii's plus millions of games and accessories throughout the United States.

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Astro3883d ago

Nintendo DS & Wii numbers are pretty much more than the sales of the PS3 and PSP combined * 3. That's a savage ass kicking.

Leon Kennedy3883d ago

Brawl is just gonna drive Sony further in the ground. We're talking about the sequel to the best-selling Gamecube game, now online!

desolationstorm3883d ago

I agree brawl is gonna sell I dont think it will drive sony intot he ground. One thing it will do is show the "hardcore" gamers on the wii. This game is huge and has a gigantic following.

Anyway back to the article. Damn nintendo are you sh!tting gold yet? In all seriousness this is big for nintendo they really did something right especially in America. Makes me think though will 1.8million a month be enough for the demand?

wiizy3883d ago

wii always been selling beyond the competition so whats the news..besides more haters hating