InEntertainment: Skyrim review: Sets you free, ties you down

InEntertainment writes: The pure size of the Skyrim world is just amazing and in our review we found out how immersive the game is, which makes GTA look like your backyard. The developers have really got to grips with the little things, and if you play the game like we did, exploring every item in each area of the game looking for hidden items to pick up, then you’re going to take many months and maybe years playing Skyrim.

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ViciousHamster2415d ago

The title contradicts itself.
Maybe there is a reason but I'm too lazy to read.

danswayuk2415d ago

The Skyrim world is massive so it sets you free, although you will be pulled in so much it will tie you down and overtake your life.

ssb31732406d ago

great score for a great game, nice