260° takes a shot at IGN

If you want PlayStation coverage by people who don't merely have a lukewarm tolerance for the PS3, but are actually filled with genuine excitement and enthusiasm about the content and possibilities of the platform, and by people who have a beating pulse and couldn't give two flipping f**ks about Microsoft corporate branding strategy Xbox Achievement Points or other marketing brand identity gimmick horsesh*t and want to play actual cutting edge, innovative games, then this is the site to come to.

OK, we need to take the good with the bad, talk about the shortcomings of the PS3 as well as it's great spots, and we should generally avoid bashing the 360 which isn't necessary to enjoying the PS3.

But there is simply no room for the tepid horsesh*t PlayStation coverage offered by IGN and GameSpot and others. If that's what media coverage can offer, then why bother?

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Lifendz3918d ago

and can see both sides. While it was a little upsetting that none of the guys save the guy from the Xbox podcast owned a PS3 and they were really harsh on the system, I'd still like something critical and un-biased rather than something that comes off like a Sony marketing site. I dunno. There has to be a happy medium. Still, when the guys on the PS3 podcast are constantly talking about how much better 360 versions of games are whether it be because of achievements or whatever then something is wrong.

sectionz3918d ago

that they play every single day as a JOB. don't be naive, i think ps3blogs issue is how sometimes its all sides to the middle so they dont piss anyone off .. besides that they are owned by a big company .. blogs like ps3blog dont have more liberty and freedom of speech but certaintly dont have anyone to answer too .. anyone thats worked in a corporate enviornment a day of their lives will understand that.

marinelife93918d ago

I agree what most of what he's saying but the PS3 doesn't currently have the best lineup of games. High quality games yes. Most high quality games because of time no. PS3's lineup is getting better and better by huge leaps and I believe soon all three systems will have a great library of top titles to pick from.

CrashSharc3918d ago

For a while they were talking about things they liked on XBL that the PSN didn't have. That's fine. But One guy says "See, one thing I love to do on XBL as soon as I turn my Xbox on is I like to check what all my friends are playing". All the other guys just ignorantly agreed, not one of them correcting him that that's a feature that was available on the PSN from LAUNCH. It was pretty disgusting that these people don't even know the system they were covering.

Lifendz3918d ago

it's not that they need to own the console. Not at all. But what does it tell you when they do a PS3 podcast but don't think the system's worthy of a purchase? If they can't afford it, fine. No one says you have to spend money you don't have on a luxury. BUT, when you don't buy it because you consider it inferior to the 360, then how are you going to give unbiased news? You can't.

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kingofps33918d ago

Those b1tches at IGN suck. Doesnt help having Xbots reviewing PS3 games.

lynx1halo3918d ago

a many bubbles my friend

Chubear3918d ago

They all suck. ALL OF THEM: gamespot, gamestrailers, EGM, IGN, 1UP etc etc. Their editorials (blogs and reviews) are worthless taboliod crap and they're fine with this.

This is the new normal for them and their industry and it's disgustingly gross. It's grat to read an article like this cause you feel great that you're not the only one that feels that way.

InMyOpinion3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

"On the PS3, we have high tech, mainstream exclusives like Ratchet, Uncharted, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, and God of War 2,..."

Last time I checked God of war 2 was on the PS2. At least IGN and Gamespot know what platforms they are writing about ;)

Sez 3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

come to where we review all ps3 games and give them perfect scores and we teach you how to take your left and right hand, spread sony's @ss cheeks and kiss the other site can get you excited with enthusiasm. log on now and we will sent you a picture of kaz's @ss.

The Wood3918d ago

but it made me laugh. The best reviewer for games i like is .......

Chubear3918d ago

Yeah you're right, is the best thing ever. They're hardly ever wrong and they just know what they like and what they don't like.

They've got to be the most reliable source for current gen gaming nowadays.

RadientFlux3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

so I should stop going to IGN because they aren't foaming at the mouth about the PS3 like the people

@sectionz : I own all three consoles which is why I find sites like IGN a trustworthy source of information for gamers of all types. While there is the odd review which I don't agree with. IGN still doesn't go out of it's way to push one gaming system over another.

Going to site that just focuses on one console seems a little backwards
to me

Crazyglues3918d ago

basically, in a nutshell.

sectionz3918d ago

the guys are actually funny and just because it a playstation podcast doesnt mean they have to be biased .. they are gamers first .. any real gamer doesnt miss out on a game because its an exclusive ... sorry any gamer with money ;)

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