Why buy a PS3 over an Xbox 360 or Wii?

PSU's Art Green writes:

"It might not be the most popular - or smartest, for that matter - thing to say around these parts: But why would anyone buy a PlayStation 3 over a Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii right now? Before you light your torches, pick up your rope and pitchforks to burn me at the stake; hear me out. It's been a little over a year since the PlayStation 3 launched here in North America, and there has yet to be a so-called 'killer application' for the title."


PSU has removed the article.

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wiizy3949d ago

only if you're a clown

TriggerHappy3949d ago

So many freaking editors, authors and such in the industry. Come on, do you really need to tell people what to get ? You simply get what you want and thats that.

AddisonW3949d ago

Gee, let's see...

* Still playing through my gigantic backlog of PS1 titles - all upscaled beautifully on my 1080p set

* Still playing through my gigantic backlog of PS2 titles - all upscaled beautifully on my 1080p set

* Resistance

* Motorstorm

* Superstardust HD

* Everyday Shooter

* Folklore

* Ratchet and Clank

* Uncharted

* Warhawk

* Gran Turismo - Demo, Prologue, 5

* Metal Gear Solid

* Infamous/Sly Cooper

* Little Big Planet

* Final Fantasy XII/Versus

* Team ICO

* Killzone 2

* Absolutely flawless hardware design

* Virtually silent operation

* DLNA support to stream movies and music off my computers to my living room

* 1080p BluRay movie support in every PS3 + NetFlix subscription

* Ability to run Linux and do Cell programming right at home

* Home

* Free online play

* Dedicated servers for lagless online play for all major titles


Waggle crap - no thanks


the Dreamcast 360 with:

40 percent failure rate
Disc scratching
Noisy as a jet airplane
Crappy graphics like Halo 3 and Forza 2
No BluRay support
50 dollar a year online charges
No dedicated servers - laggy online play
Crappy library of games

Gee, tough choice.

PS3PCFTW3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )



+bubbles to all ps3 owners here. consider it a early celebration

edit: its funny how the bots disagree with facts. such as the post above mine. the funnier part is even though you disagree with people here the 360 is still doomed. what will you do then? CRY?

rubarb233949d ago Show
lessthanmarcus3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I play that thing everyday. Only reason people think its lacking is due to the media. I love playing uncharted, ratchet, heavenly sword, warhawk, COD4, oblivion, resistance. And I can't wait for UT3, METAL FREAKING GEAR, little big planet, Killzone, final fantasy, and my favorite ps1 game Gran TURISMO. How the hell is PS3 lacking.. And when I'm not playing games, I'm watching one of my 20 Blu ray discs. Anyone who disses the PS3 is probably a little kid that never grew up with the PS1 greats, or just can't afford one

Mr PS33949d ago

A PS3 is like A ferrari ,A fine wine ,A god damm sexy d!ck hardning woman!! Now xbox like a beat up datsun with a go faster stripe and its on its way to the scrap yard ,A bottle of cheap german ale that taste like p!ss, A big fat,smelly,sleazy dumperslut

You see what i'm gettin at PS3 owners have a console that looks good,sounds good,somthing thats built to last and somthing that gonna get better with age and anybody with taste that like the finer things in life buy a PS3

Now xbox owners have a console that sounds awful,looks awful,it for damm sure aint built to last,its cheap its nasty and well to put it bluntly its the worst console ever made FACT!!

Now xbox owners don't have taste and they dont like the finer things in life so they buy an xbox

So why buy a PS3 over an xbox ?
Well the choice is yours
Me i like the good things in life

eLiNeS3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

and welcome them to the ignore list for those that put long boring list and those that agree with it!

Bubble Buddy3948d ago

lmao nice PS3PCFTW. bubbles for u, and on topic, why get a ps3? well gives us reasons why NOT to get one... and yes guys, we have games and a lower price now.

THX71683948d ago


Dreamcast was AWESOME, d|ckhole!

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achira3949d ago

wow, now its becoming f*cking hilirious. come on, this site is a wolf in sheep's clothing. wow, very sad. and i ask them why should i buy a rodd box, which has only shooters, and where i have to pay for online ? f*cking idiots.

Rooftrellen3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Maybe that's why the Wii is in such high demand that supplies can't keep up, even a year later.

Edit: Someone care to explain the disagrees? All I hear about the PS3 is how it has bad games from the 360 fans, and all I hear about the 360 is it melts from the PS3 fans. Though people say bad things about the Wii, people will say good things, as well.

Heck, even this one that I replied to, it wasn't why to get a PS3, it was why not to get a 360. If someone tells you bad things about the PS3, and you tell them bad things about the 360, which console are they going to buy?

Someone who disagrees, please explain how the fanboys throwing around comments like this does anything but push people to the Wii.

e-ray3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Rooftrellen: Because many people, like me, want to play fresh, new, (most importantly) GREAT games that aren't the same old Nintendo games we've seen for years. At least I'm in that boat, and that's why I have a 360 and my next big gaming investment will be a PS3.

Hear me out now, Wii people. I have said previously that if Nintendo had thrown a better graphical capabilities/HD into their system at, say, a 100-150 dollar increase in price, I'd probably want the Wii... a lot.

But, as it is, it's the Gamecube with motion controls (3rd party support wise, too). Sure, the motion sensor is pretty innovative... but at times it is unresponsive and the only good games are the Nintendo products, once again.

Rooftrellen3948d ago

That's fine, if that is how you feel about the Wii. I won't list the games comming up for it like I would on most threads, becasue that's not the point I was making, though.

Look at it this way. You are a nomral person who knows nothing of gaming, and you're going to do a little research on the consoles so you can buy one. Many people say the 360 melts. Many people say the PS3 has no games.

And people say the Wii doesn't have games that are as fresh as MSG4 or FF13... Oh well, at least you, the average consumer, know of Mario.

In fact, that was a good example. I say something, and instead of answering the issue, you attack something I say. That doesn't win any favor for you, as much as you might believe it does.

Now, can anyone tell me how you answering a negative claim about the PS3 with a negative claim about the 360 helps you OR the PS3, either one will work for me.

e-ray3948d ago

ok, then.

1) I didn't "attack" anything you said, merely stated what I felt many of us gamers do.

2) To answer your question about fanboys bashing each other's 360 or PS3, your "normal" person will not be reading those comments let alone visit gaming websites in general. Therefore, they are not influenced by the hate being flung in either direction.

I answered the question from a perspective of a person who loves games. Now, I answered it from a "normal" person's perspective. You simply cannot tell me that the "normal" person is seeing all of these comments and therefore will buy the Wii, don't play me off as a fool.

This is not the case; the reason the Wii sells so well is because it appeals to the casual gamer. For example, I have three older sisters, 22, 23, and 26. They all want Wiis and have not played video games since childhood.

They don't know a thing about PS3 or 360 capabilities.

You can't be serious about thinking that fanboyish 360/PS3 bashing is going to push people thinking about purchasing 360/Ps3 towards the Wii. Maybe it has a small effect, but it can't be significant, because the majority of your "normal" people aren't reading it in the first place.

When it comes down to it, each system has their flaws. 360 has overheating, poor customer service, etc. PS3 (as of now) has arrogant ownership and a small game library. The Wii has poor 3rd party support and shoddy graphics for today's standards.

And when I said new and fresh games, I was referring to games like Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Gears of War, etc. List is big, I have a hard time believing there is any serious amount of 3rd party support coming up for the Wii. I may be wrong, but I have not seen it. Don't get me wrong, Smash Bros., Zelda are great, but I am tired of them after having owned a Gamecube with no third party support last generation.

But whatever, you can try and fabricate a ridiculous method of Wii sales (eg. normal people see fanboy arguments online). I just wish this thread wasn't going to get buried so more input could be given. Hell, I don't even know if you will see this.

I'm at an end, I could go on...

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mighty_douche3949d ago

buy the console you want.


ericnellie3949d ago

I think everyone should buy all 3....muahahahhaha!! No I completely agree with you. Game systems are like anything else in comsumer electronics....what's good for one guy may not be the best pick for the next;) I love my PSWII60 combo. To see all 3 of them playing together during the holidays....priceless;)

felidae3949d ago

i would never buy a 360 over a PS3.

i play Mass Effect and wow, this game has some serious graphic + performance problems - i think the 360's days are over.

the framerate in ME is sometimes below 20.

but nice game ;-)

Genuine3949d ago

You would rather have a console that lacks in every way regarding next-gen gaming, over the only console that is delivering a true next-gaming experience? Your a fanboy dumbf*ck.

PS3PCFTW3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

whats the ps3 lacking?

disc scratching?
online fees?
laggy servers with pricks who spam the mic?
640p? a dying hidef format? support for only wmv? the need to buy wifi? the need to buy a propietary hdd? the need to buy a hdmi port or a totally new console WICH ALSO RROD's?

are these next gen attributes? or rushed-halfass-mediocrity?

I noticed all your posts contain some sort of namecalliing and cursing against others. Whats wrong? cant you voice your opinion without resorting to name calling? are you in kindergarden?

socsca3949d ago

Can't seem to notice all your comments contain negative comments about the 360 and conveniently forget all the negative sides of having a ps3. What's wrong with you, do you work for Sony? Are you in kindergarden? Can't make a valid point and hence resort to weak and stupid arguments that you've heard other fanboys use?
I'm ignoring you from now on you moronic 14 year old fanboy, get a life, and a brain while your at it (you know.. the one u got now is all washed).

Moving past the idiot.

Buy the console that has the games you want and stop b!tching about it to try to justify your purchase, couldn't decide so I've got both. Main reasons to buy PS3 for me? Blu-ray, R & C and eventually God of War 3 (+ a lot of kewl games in between).

actas1233949d ago

@ the above comment: Your way of criticizing the others makes you look even worse than them. You should consider inputing some logic in your comments. If you need help doing that google common sense and you'll probably find some hints..

PS3PCFTW3949d ago



well being that i didnt get a 360 when it launched, (BUT PLAYED WITH NUMEROUS FRIENDS 360's for a WHOLE YEAR BEFORE THE ps3 launched) which all but 1 still has original launch 360........i think im quite entitled to give my opinion.

Its a given i dont own one and never will. Especially after seeing 12 friends who had their launch 360 die on them.....why would i? did all 12 of them get systems back that did work? no!! 8 of them are on their 3rd-5th units. Im in NY btw.......go to any best buy and youll see people on the customer return line with a 360 in their hands. GUARANTEED.

should i buy one? does seeing my friends blankless expression when the system couldnt read discs or suddenly red ringed while accessing data give me a reason to buy one?

Am i speaking out of my ass or am i stating what numerous people have experienced personally or seen friends experience right in front of their own eyes?

socsca3949d ago

Ohhh, did I hurt your girlfriend?

Your way of moving through life with an uncritical approach to people, society etc makes you a sad excuse of a human beeing and the fact that you're trying to convince others to adapt your "ball-less" approach to life is just sad. I pity you, no, in fact I sepise you, and I'm ignoring you as well. Try googling "guts" or "balls" and you should find some hints of what to do.

Groo3949d ago

Funny I haven't had any Problems with ME so far, Oblivion was a lot worse with those issues IMO

MikeGdaGod3949d ago

last year around this time, my mother and i had been out shopping at different stores and we noticed alot of people returning 360s.

i kinda wondered what it was because i knew my 360 had problems but i never thought they were so wide spead or would continue.

this year i noticed the same thing and even my mother asked me why were so many people standing in customer service lines with 360's in hand. this time i knew what is was, shotty hardware.

MS still hasn't fixed these problems and the extended warranty doesn't even cover if the system scratched disc, which is a problem i had with my first one.

this is one reason to buy a PS3 over 360

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gamesblow3949d ago

Never in a million years would I buy another system over the Ps3. It's the tops man. It's a set top box and does too many fucntions for me to not have to have it. Blu-ray, multi media picture and file swapping/editing... Gaming... Online... Emulators... Web browser... I can go on and on and on. The Ps3 is everything in one for 1 cost and not many multiple add on cost. It's everything for the price of 400 bucks. Simple as that.

Genuine3949d ago

I've got a ps3, and when compared to 360, ps3 sucks. If it wasn't for the HD movie playback, I would have already sold it. I would cry if all I had was a ps3.

actas1233949d ago

However you still have it. This is actually a praise to the PS3... Let me put it this way: even though you don't like the gaming side of the machine you still think its worth the 400 dollars. Imagine those that love the gaming and the HD movie aspects of the machine... that makes it worth way more than 400 dollars for them (according to your own logic)

ravinash3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

I'm playing through Mass Effect now on the 360 and it is a good game...but the lag on the load screens make the console look clumsy.
I guess thats what you get when your not allowed to use the hard drive to handle any processing.

Genuine3948d ago

If I had been smart, I wouldn't have bought into the hype that was around the ps3. It's not even close to the gaming machine sony hyped it to be. If I had it to do over, I wouldn't buy it.

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