CVG Feature: Games Make Us Rubbish at Football

West Ham goal keeper Rob Green has blamed the country's gaming habits for England's football defeat against Croatia last week, which saw them fail to qualify for the Euro 2008 tournament. But is there method in his madness?

Green's comments blatantly whiff of ignorance but it's undeniable that kids are playing less football today.

CVG are sure games play a part, but so does weather, the mass-closing of parks, the even higher climate of fear for unsupervised kids, the FA's lack of time for anyone under 16 and the good old smoking-drugs-round-the-back-of-Tesco-culture. Isn't the cost of going to see a Premiership the same as a game thesedays?

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Neurotoxin3953d ago

Excuses excuses..... Footballers generally speaking are the Thickest Planks in sports. Lets blame every Failure on computer games to distract from the real reason why England Football Team under perform.... Again.

When the real reason is purely because they are not performing at International level, at club level the players are usually fine, The managers of Premier League Clubs who`s players play at International level more than likely have something to do with players not commiting 100% with England. Michael Owen returns to fitness at Newcastle, Plays for England and is Injured for another month or two..... At the end of the day they get paid more at their club than when they play for england, and thats what it comes down too. Money, not computer games.

mighty_douche3953d ago

the dude still is kind of right. i mean its pretty obvious that only playing football is gonna make you improve, PRO EVO isnt.

redninja3953d ago

Morbid obesity makes us rubbish at football.