Eurogamer Article: Sex

Sex in games is now a serious business. Thanks to Eurogamer's earlier article on the subject, you'll no doubt already be aware of the hentai sub-genre, but sex is also starting to turn up in mainstream games like Mass Effect (lesbian kiss) and God of War 2 (topless females and threesome). It's also inspired fully-fledged sexy games like Playboy: The Mansion.

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mighty_douche3882d ago

except anywhere you happen to be.

predator3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

they are right, us europeans are more relaxed shall i say or not to bothered if we see sex or naked women in films/games/tv than americans.

but what i dont get is americans have a massive porn industry and yet its such a big deal other there.

ravinash3882d ago

but if you show a little flesh....then OH MY GOD!
It is a funny old world.

predator3882d ago

hahaha that comment reminded me of south park, kyle says that exact line

artman3882d ago

hey, I live in that country, where the goverment charge you for kissing on public... they can even fine the tv station for that, but not if you showing people protest and carrying a human head around.
The movie clearly censoring the sex part but not violence.

P4KY B3882d ago


Because once you play the game you realise that the "alien lesbian" sex scene doesn't exist. The alien isn't a woman. The asari are hermaphrodites. And its a mental connection they make not a physical one.
So its just some naked hugs.

WilliamRLBaker3882d ago

looking for that to add to my collection as for that....

the article sucked they left out the source of all adult games.....japan and didn't even give any representations, i mean hell they gave the obligitory entries of atari/cd games that we're adult back in the 80's only giveing something recent towards the end.