AMD ATI Radeon HD 3870 graphics chip: Review

After a quick die-shrink from 80nm to 55nm, the Radeon HD 2900 XT has been reborn as the Radeon HD 3870. AMD makes it clear that 3870 is very similar to 2900 XT and that HD 3850 is merely clocked slightly lower than its big brother, but the power draw figures are quite dramatic. AMD's figures show that the 2900 XT draws 220W at peak load while the 3870 draws 105W and the 3850 is just below the one hundred mark at 95W.

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kr90913953d ago

The 8800GT totally owns this card. ATI has really gone down in the market ever since they were bought out by AMD imo. ATI's enthusiast card (Radeon HD 3870) can not even compare to Nvidia's mid range card (8800GT). Sad.

ruibing3953d ago

I think this card is meant as the mid-range card that AMD was missing in its lineup. I believe the review from Anandtech or Xbitslab showed that it rivaled 8800GT in performance/price ratio.

Xi3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

pfp is very important to consumers, so while techheads get Nvidia, amd/ati is selling to companies since their cards are cheaper for the same performance, have better drivers and are easy to manage.

Goes for me too, why waste money if I'm not getting a substantial preformance boost out of it?

And they got their crossfire working across 4 gpu's, something nvdia still can't do, which is why they're going with 3 way sli.

GIJeff3953d ago

Like right now i have a 7950gx2, which if i SLIed would be quad gpu....anyways..

Lately ive been eyeing ATI, because of the price to performance. nVidia owns it in the high end, but i dont want to pay 600-700 dollars to ugrade one componend in my PC. The 3870 is very attractive in my opinion. And since im all about the AMD processors, im really excited what they are going to be doing come january/feb.