Finding a bride in a brothel: A review of Uncharted - 'An amazing game to behold'

Ars Technica writes:

"Early on in the game, Nate and his companion Sully are exploring the ruins of a lost city of treasure. At one point, Sully exclaims to Nate that their search was like "finding a bride in a brothel." Strangely enough, this phrase is really a strong metaphor of the relationship that Uncharted has with Sony's platform.

Much like Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, Uncharted is a showcase for what the PlayStation 3 is capable of. This is an amazing game to behold, with some of the most lush visuals around and nary a sign that the PS3 is even working all that hard."

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xg-ei8ht3954d ago

27% using spu's.

The ps3 beast has awoken.

Run and hide xbots. Incoming!!!!

hanson5203954d ago

i am ps3fanboy......

Uncharted is best game of 2007

gamesblow3954d ago

Uncharted should be enjoyed by every gamer... their isn't a need to be console bias here. Uncharted is an experience you should take in if you are in fact a gamer. Simple as that. The most amazing game ever!

Baba19063954d ago

i hate all this news about how great this game is and not being able to go to a shop and buy it. damn europe!!! well next week.

Skerj3954d ago

He's right, I never saw a framerate drop ONCE even with like the 20+ battles later on with those asshats with the M79s blowing everything up.

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