The Simpsons to parody the Wii U, E3 Show

Nintendo Universe writes:

It has been revealed that within a new episode of The Simpsons set to air this weekend, the creators are to parody the videogames industry and its annual E3 event.

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EcoSos32262d ago

This one really make me laugh, Grand Theft Scratchy: Itchy City Stories.

Treezy5042262d ago

Yeah that one is hilarious although I do miss Grand Theft Walrus lol

ArabianKnight012262d ago

Simpsons are classic! Too bad they too may be going off air due to the voice actors agreeing to a paycut, but the station wanting a bigger paycut. :/

admiralvic2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I read that it was resolved and the series was renewed for 2 years.

ArabianKnight012261d ago

@admiralvic thanx for the update, glad to hear that love me some sipmsons... Doh!

Noticeably_FAT2262d ago

That's great. Definitely have to watch that, seems to be I can only enjoy the originators anymore these days. The Simpsons will always be the best.

Anon19742262d ago

But really, do they really need to parody the Wii-U? Isn't it parody enough on it's own? Seriously, current gen graphics but with a giant, ipad like controller that only one personal can use at a time, and Nintendo's already telling developers there will only be one per system. That'll go over well with the family friendly crowd, because we all know that kids will be just fine taking turns with the massive, uber controller while everyone else plays with the Wii-mote.

And which screen do you look at? Dual screens worked for the DS because they were both right there. You can't play a game on a tv and focus on what's happening on the Wii-pad?

This thing is a disaster waiting to happen and analysts and shareholders know it. It's no wonder the stock tanked when the Wii-U was revealed. Hell, the stench of the Wii-U was so bad, other companies had their stock punished for even announcing they were making games exclusive to the Wii-U.


Noticeably_FAT2261d ago

They are Nintendo, who thought the Wii would take them back to number 1? Everyone thought the 3DS was doomed. The Wii U will be fine, there isn't going to be a huge graphical leap next generation, so they will be right there with everyone else.

The only one controller per Wii U is also not confirmed, more news recently suggests it can use more then one.

I'm telling you right now, there are a ton of people wanting a new console, new consoles are always an exciting thing and exciting time. People are trying to predict that the Wii U will be expensive, but you can get a tablet for well under $100, and the tech in the console itself is already a few years old, so again it's pretty cheap.

I wouldn't be surprised if it launched for $299 and at that price, a lot of people are going to pop on that, including myself. I buy all the consoles every generation.

They revealed the Wii U too soon IMHO, that was why they had a poor stock showing right after E3, we didn't even see the console! I think this years conference will go much better for them.

Not everyone is a fanboy, a lot of people just like having the latest console, so if you are thinking the Wii U is going to fail, I'd rethink that my friend.

SandWitch2262d ago

And no PlayStatus Zita?

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The story is too old to be commented.