Skyrim – Imperial Army or the Stormcloak? The Breakdown and the Consequences

With the on-going conflict of the Imperial Army and the Stormcloak in Skyrim, you will have an opportunity in the game to pick sides and do a series of quests for the faction that you choose. The big question is, does it really matter which one you choose?

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kulex472408d ago

So Overall, IT DONT...

DeFFeR2408d ago

Not really... it'll play out roughly the same (but opposite) if you choose one over the other.

I just wish it was a good/evil type decision...

Tommykrem2408d ago

I'm not gonna look at the consequences, I want to figure this out for myself first, but this is actually a really hard decision, and a believable conflict.

norman292408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

I'm gonna pick the Imperial Army just because i 'know' them from Oblivion :D

Chnswdchldrn2408d ago

The stormcloak guy seemed like a nice honorable fellow, while the imperial guy seemed like a mean blood thirsty person.



Naw jk I went with the stormcloaks because thats what seemed to me was the right thing to do

limewax2408d ago

Personally I found the stormcloak guy to be very selfish, Talking about freedom and the people yet with no consideration of the aim or goals of the Imperials. Found him a bit dictator-ish to be honest, So I went Imperial. But it really highlights how well these factions were set apart

JsonHenry2408d ago

Sorry, killing me for no reason even after another officer told them I was not a rebel was all I needed to NOT side with the Imperials. But you don't have to side with either, right? Any way it goes I am not joining the imperials. But if the game makes me choose I am joining with Stormcloaks.

DeFFeR2408d ago

^^ This... 100x this.

The second they put my neck on the block, there was no way I was gonna be "oh, hey... yeah, I forgive you for coming within seconds of chopping my head off without just cause"

arnyftw2408d ago

lol, when it gave me the choice I had no clue what the game wanted me to do and what was going on, so I just went to the building with the Imperial. I guess im with the Imperials now.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2408d ago

Did the same thing. Let my buddy start a character and he ran to the other building. Had no idea there was even an option.

arnyftw2407d ago

Lol, me neither. But I just found out you can still change it after. Just go talk to some storm cloaks and you get a quest to join the storm cloaks.

Beelz3bub2408d ago

I decided to go with Stormcloak because Ralof will give you a key to the house. Also the fact that the imperial trying to execute my ass just for crossing into Skyrim. They also torturing prisoners. After I heard the whole story of Ulfric I went with Stormcloak.

sealava2408d ago

who to go with ?
the guys who were trying to cut my head off just for crossing the boarder OR the others ?!

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The story is too old to be commented.