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Skyrim – Imperial Army or the Stormcloak? The Breakdown and the Consequences

With the on-going conflict of the Imperial Army and the Stormcloak in Skyrim, you will have an opportunity in the game to pick sides and do a series of quests for the faction that you choose. The big question is, does it really matter which one you choose? (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

kulex47  +   1384d ago
So Overall, IT DONT...
DeFFeR  +   1384d ago
Not really... it'll play out roughly the same (but opposite) if you choose one over the other.

I just wish it was a good/evil type decision...
Tommykrem  +   1384d ago
I'm not gonna look at the consequences, I want to figure this out for myself first, but this is actually a really hard decision, and a believable conflict.
norman29  +   1384d ago
I'm gonna pick the Imperial Army just because i 'know' them from Oblivion :D
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Chnswdchldrn  +   1384d ago
The stormcloak guy seemed like a nice honorable fellow, while the imperial guy seemed like a mean blood thirsty person.



Naw jk I went with the stormcloaks because thats what seemed to me was the right thing to do
limewax  +   1384d ago
Personally I found the stormcloak guy to be very selfish, Talking about freedom and the people yet with no consideration of the aim or goals of the Imperials. Found him a bit dictator-ish to be honest, So I went Imperial. But it really highlights how well these factions were set apart
JsonHenry  +   1384d ago | Well said
Sorry, killing me for no reason even after another officer told them I was not a rebel was all I needed to NOT side with the Imperials. But you don't have to side with either, right? Any way it goes I am not joining the imperials. But if the game makes me choose I am joining with Stormcloaks.
DeFFeR  +   1384d ago | Well said
^^ This... 100x this.

The second they put my neck on the block, there was no way I was gonna be "oh, hey... yeah, I forgive you for coming within seconds of chopping my head off without just cause"
arnyftw  +   1384d ago
lol, when it gave me the choice I had no clue what the game wanted me to do and what was going on, so I just went to the building with the Imperial. I guess im with the Imperials now.
GroundsKeeperJimbo  +   1384d ago
Did the same thing. Let my buddy start a character and he ran to the other building. Had no idea there was even an option.
arnyftw  +   1383d ago
Lol, me neither. But I just found out you can still change it after. Just go talk to some storm cloaks and you get a quest to join the storm cloaks.
Beelz3bub  +   1384d ago
I decided to go with Stormcloak because Ralof will give you a key to the house. Also the fact that the imperial trying to execute my ass just for crossing into Skyrim. They also torturing prisoners. After I heard the whole story of Ulfric I went with Stormcloak.
sealava  +   1384d ago
who to go with ?
the guys who were trying to cut my head off just for crossing the boarder OR the others ?!
GoldenGamer  +   1384d ago
SPOILERS ****************************** *****

The siege of Whiterun is really a fun quest, if you're the stormcloaks, enjoyed it.
Digibull  +   1384d ago | Well said
As a Kajiit I went with the imperial army... The stormcloaks are a bunch of racist bast*rds.
Panzerkanzler  +   1384d ago | Funny
And rightly so you littering kitty! No one wants your dirty hairs all over their clothes and carpets!
Bolts  +   1384d ago | Well said
The Stormcloaks are bunch of magic fearing racist thugs while the Imperials welcome all comers. As a fightermage character it's no question I went with the Imperials. That little execution dealio was just a misunderstanding.
dawgtown  +   1384d ago
I can't decide what to do yet. I've been leaning towards the stormcloaks just for the sake of being on the rebellion's side, but I'm afraid of the consequences. Does anybody know if I will be considered a criminal and hunted by the guards when I'm in cities if I join with the stormcloaks?
Dovahkiin  +   1384d ago
My feelings exactly, i don't want to lose friends if I join the stormcloaks, especially in Whitetrun in which i am a thane. The jarl there is a friendly fellow but i know he doesn't favor the stormcloaks, for now I'm staying neutral until i need not be.
iMpuTeD  +   1384d ago
there are so many factions in this game its amazing!!!. thieves guild, dark brotherhood, college of winterhold, companions, imperial army, stormcloak, and im pretty sure at least two more.
OdinDovahkiin  +   1379d ago | Funny
The way i looked at it was, the empire wants to appoint some one that is not of your nation to rule your nation under what they believe the laws and everything should be. The stormcloacks want someone that is native and some one that will do what most of the nordic people would love. i chose storm cloaks b/c they are nords and its skyrim, the home land of the nords where men are big and burly and have beards, and women are big and burly and have beards. The Nords are warriors and are not hateful against magic users, thats like saying since mages dont use 2 handed weapons they hate nords.

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