Gaming Excellence - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

Gaming Excellence: Skyrim is about as perfect as a game is going to get for fans of the RPG genre, especially those who lean towards the action RPGs. Barring a few very minor issues that do nothing to damage the package Skyrim is, without a doubt, one of the best games released in 2011 and a serious contender for Game of the Year.

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TheEatingVodka1899d ago

LOL 9.9.. Are you trying to be so different from other reviewers that you had to take 0.1 points from the overall score of this game?

Army_of_Darkness1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I would assume that -.1 is for the glitches and bugs. a little bit high if you ask me.

Perjoss1899d ago

0.1 off because its ends... eventually.

ssb31731890d ago

great score for a great game, nice