Skyrim: Epic Music and Epic Bugs

There is an epic bug in the main menu of the Skyrim which does not allow the user to start the new game. Many people actually reported this problem and the fix is just delete and reinstall the game data. Upside is the music is too epic to be passed. Must be the thoughtful design choice from the developer.

Another bug shown in the second video. The game just quit itself and went back to XMB. This game is clearly a Bethesda game.

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WooHooAlex1659d ago

You can't really fault them for having some bugs in such a large game. Its still epic.

Panzerkanzler1659d ago

Some bugs are to be expected of course...but having mere menus not working? Sloppy.

ggamdori1659d ago

I learned to tolerate bugs from Bethesda games after Fallout 3 and Oblivion, but these two bugs are just in their own league ;) There is no question about the epicness of the game for sure.

pijinio2121659d ago


SmokexFFx1659d ago

20 hours in and I've seen
-A flying horse
-Disappearing NPCS
-The screen going completely black with all the sounds still working
-About 5 freezes
-My character randomly fall over and die

But even with all these glitches I still can't stop playing it.

rabidpancakeburglar1659d ago

40 hours in and I've seen
-A glitch that won't allow me to complete the Mages College quest
-One frame rate drop

Apart from that everything has been fine for me.

SmokexFFx1659d ago

Only a single framerate drop, damn. Do you have the PS3 copy and if you do, which PS3 are you playing it on, the phat or slim, because I'm playing on the old phat model and I get framerate drops literally at least once a minute.

Jio1659d ago

What I'm wondering is why I can't adjust Skyrim to fit my standard def TV. I'm poor and I'm not going to buy a new TV just for one game, text is cut out and I can't see how much gold I have or what I receive. I hope Bethesda fixes this.

Klaykid1231659d ago

You could get an HD monitor or TV for the price of ~2 games.. They're not expensive. At all.