VideoGamer Rumour mill: Eidos working on new Fear Effect game ?

This weeks rumours under scrutiny: The Sims 3 early in 2009 ? Gauntlet coming to Wii and Nintendo DS ? Eidos working on new Fear Effect game ? Call of Duty 4 dev working on new IP ?

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TheXgamerLive3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I loved Thief III Deadly Shadows on the Xbox.

I.W. No doubt will be working on a new IP, I think there next game wont be a COD game, but COD3 maker Treyarch will probably do a copy of 4 as COD5 and then maybe make prettier grass.

Silver Bull3t3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

I am a HUGE Thief fan and have no idea why they havn't brought that series back. Thief DS on xbox got me into the series and I STILL play it on my PC (with the higher res texture packs and fan missions of course :)

Maybe they'll do like they did last time and take whatever engine they use for Deus-Ex and use it for a new Thief game. Last time they modified the Unreal Engine 2. Not sure if they're lisencing an engine or using an in-house one for DE3...

I'm not sure who has rights for the Thief IP since Ion Storm went belly-up though. Maybe Eidos still has a stake in that IP? I just checked the wiki and apparently: "...With the demise of Looking Glass Studios, Eidos Interactive secured the rights to the Thief franchise". So let's go EIDOS!

If you get a chance check out Fans of the Thief universe have been working on a complete conversion of the DOOM3 engine for a spiritual successor based in the Thief universe. It's taking forever because it's just dedicated fans working on it in their spare time for free, but it seems to be coming along nicely.

(btw Looking forward to the new Deus-Ex too LOL!)


Snukadaman3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

loved the whole creepy look and atmosphere of that game alot...Played on the pc first but was scared too try the xbox version..i wonder of its bc..hmm.

TheXgamerLive3953d ago

It was one of my top 3 favorites on my Xbox and one of my top 5 PC games of all time.

A Thief 4 game to continue the series would be a huge next gen. hit easily.

Listening to the villagers conversations, the magic, the climing and entering a sleeping persons cottage, lol, it's all so great. It's also playable on the Xbox 360 due to Bc so if anyone hasn't played it, go play it now.

I bought it for the PC on Ebay for $4.00 and gave it to my buddy and he's loving it, he's like a Thief III DS Junkie now!:)

I'd buy a Thief IV next gen. Xbox 360 game over ANY thing else right now and I do mean ANYTHING!

BlackIceJoe3953d ago

Yeah last time I looked Eidos still owns the Thief Licence but Bethesda was planning on buying that IP off them just like they did with Fallout. I am not sure if Bethesda got it or not. But think there should be a new one the last one was a nice one.

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Skerj3953d ago

This has been in the rumor mill since Inferno was canned, but with Eidos' new Montreal office they just might this time. I'm not putting too much stock into it though.

ChaosKnight3953d ago

"The recently opened Eidos Montreal is working on more than Deus Ex 3. The studio is said to be breathing new life into the MASS EFFECT series, last seen in 2001 with the PSone release Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix."

... They mean Fear Effect, right? =P In any case, I hope a new Fear Effect were to come out. I was disappointed they canceled the PS2 game. Also, did Eidos buy Kronos Digital, the developers of the series? Or has Eidos always owned the rights to the game enabling them to shut out Kronos and work on an in-house development?

MK_Red3952d ago

lol, good catch :)

By all means, a new Fear Effect would be awesome. With Deus Ex 3 in works, hopefully Eidos is returning to it's glory days. Another Thief would also be incredible.

Interpol Agent3953d ago

Fear Effect was one of my favorite games, If they are working on Fear Effect i hope they do a great job.

DarkSniper3953d ago

This game seems to only be possible on Sony's PLAYSTATION 3© Home Entertainment Console.

With the immersive, cel-shaded experience Fear Effect brought exclusively to the original Playstation. This experience can only be duplicated in the third installment of the Playstation console brand, not on the XBOX 360 due to faulty hardware and internal chip incapabilities.