Top 5 Ways Xbox has Made PlayStation Better

Gadgehit writes: "Everyone will agree that competition is a good thing, especially in for the consumer. This current console generation has seen a very hard fought battle between Microsoft and Sony to sell the most consoles, more so than the last generation where the difference between the PlayStation 2 and Xbox was massive.

So how has the Xbox 360 made the PS3 better?"

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fluffydelusions2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Interesting article. Don't forget achievements as well...that's a huge one. I suspect there will be some sort of beacons clone soon for ps3 as well. Seems like a very useful feature. The one thing I wish Sony would do is revamp XMB some. Sure it's functional but feels very archaic in comparison to dashboard. Also they should integrate Home.

Edgeofglory2293d ago

achievements didn't do anything, if you must know sony was developing trophies and a levelling system before ps3 but put it on the bk burner. Its one of the few myths 360 fans like to spout as fact.

vishant1012293d ago


also just like ps move?

and the analogue sticks?

nondecaf2293d ago

Resistance & uncharted had them,one was skill points and in game trophies.

-Alpha2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

In-game skill points for one game =/= universal career tracking system implemented by MS

There is no myth, just a spin and twist.

And you can stop crediting Sony for Insomniac's decision to have an achievement-like system in Spyro.

cstyle2293d ago

That's BS. If it weren't for achievements there would be no trophies. Its not a myth. PSN wouldn't be where it is today with Live.Sony didn't have anything on the back burner. They basically just followed.

Focus2293d ago

Lol!! What a bunch of bull. Extensive R&D on Trophies huh? Lol

SonyStyled2292d ago

the PS2, yes, PS2 Ratchet and Clanks had Skill points since the first title. achievement like rewards have been around for a long time, just this generation it was implemented to be able to track and compare them online with your friends

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gamingdroid2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I don't think there will be any "beacon" clone for PSN any time soon. Put simply, Sony still hasn't introduced party system and xross game chat.

Sony's latest add-on to PSN, auto-syncing trophies... you know how it is implemented? It's essentially a freaken batch job! It's not seamless....

So five years later, Sony half @ssed a clone.

PimpHandHappy2293d ago

but i will say

The PS3 is leaps and bounds better online then it was at launch! It was almost useless with friends that first year

fluffydelusions2293d ago

Totally agree with you on this one. But in Sony's defense they are more of a hardware company where MS is more of a software one.

gaffyh2293d ago

PSN was horrible back then, and people still complain about it now, when they have no idea what it was like. And on PS2 it was even worse.

PimpHandHappy2293d ago

was set up real nice for friends to play with each other

n4gisatroll2293d ago


I loved socom 2 online. It was perfect, and out before xbl was huge.

tiffac0082293d ago

That's why a healthy competition is needed in any market because the competitors will make each other better.

Hufandpuf2293d ago

right, without competition the leader can run around unabated.

Focus2293d ago

hehehehe, you said unabated

stephmhishot2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

I'm no game developer myself, but judging from the time frame for developing games, I doubt lining up a long list of PS3 exclusives was a reactionary measure by Sony to combat MS exclusive games. Kind of seems far fetched. Not to mention the fact that KZ2 and Motorstorm were introduced as in concept videos back in 05...(zomg the infamous Killzone trailer!).

I have to believe games like Uncharted, inFamous and Resistance (which wasn't specifically mentioned, but the author used a picture of a chimera), were already well in the pipeline. A studio doesn't pull games like that out of their asses just because MS managed to pull in timed exclusivity for BioShock and Ninja Gaiden.

SonyStyled2292d ago

dont forget that sony owned 20 or so 1st party studios at the time the PS3 launched. development just takes time. Incognito closed its doors, but they bought MM and Sucker Punch since

D3mons0ul2293d ago

Competition is good. The people who want all companies to join up and make one solitary console are dumb.