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Submitted by Hufandpuf 1552d ago | opinion piece

A Dozen Reasons To Hate Call of Duty Games

Kotaku - Call of Duty is reviled among a vocal group of gamers. When they read that the latest iteration of the series is selling well, or is well reviewed, or is being played by a lot of people, they seem to take it personally. That's always baffled me. So on Twitter today I asked the 13,500 or so people who follow me why that is. (Call of Duty, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Majin-vegeta  +   1552d ago | Well said
1.Copy and paste
2.Little to no effort *Congrats guys it took us 2 years but we managed to finish MW3 man placing that 3 on the cover for MW3 can be a doozy-_-.*
3.Overshadows better games.
4.They still can't get a new engine.You think with the billions they make they could get a new one.
5.$15 for recycled maps yay /s.
If your gonna sell maps worth $15 at least take the f**king time to work on them and make them worth it.
E.G. Dice Back to Karkand expansion pack not only do we get the maps but new vehicles,weapons,camos etc. And best of all who preoreded or got the LE edition of BF3 get it for free.

I could go on but yea you get my point.
rezzah  +   1552d ago
Well said, people may doubt it but it is very obvious to see the little changes made from point A to B. A being COD4 and B being MW3.

Even without IW the other fools who don't know how to make their own game make a terrible copy of CoD and gladly call it their own creation. All they ever did was change the story, make the graphics worse, create zombies, and add perks and weapons.

Simply put, Treyarch can make their own game, but they put or are forced to put COD's title on the game in order to make it sell more.
Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1552d ago
oh god, that pic makes me wanna punch something
Corepred4  +   1551d ago
WAH WAH WAH when you the crybabies stop and starting playing the games they like. WAH WAH WAH geez its pitiful! WAH WAH WAH!
Jinkazama1421  +   1551d ago
Lemme guess @Corepred4 COD Fanboy???
JBSleek  +   1552d ago
Not one of those reasons were a reason to "hate" on CoD.

The reason people hate CoD is because it is popular and most people need to somehow justify why they don't this game because it seems to be a crime to have fun anymore.

I feel bad for gamers who have blind hatred for a good game.
DragonKnight  +   1552d ago
The fact that CoD has become a copy paste game is not a reason to hate on it now?

People don't hate on it simply because it's popular. That argument is completely invalidated by the fact that CoD is not a person. People hate people who are popular because those people have things the other people don't. Such an issue doesn't exist with objects. It's ridiculous to think a person hates a game because it's popular. The games get hate because they deserve it, not just because they exist and outsell other games. And even in that there is still an argument against the "they hate it because it's popular" B.S.

CoD is an inferior game to so many other games in quality and in content, and yet it outsells and overshadows those games simply because it's casual, and casual is in this gen. Thanks to inferior games like CoD, some franchises may never get to chance to get passed one game in their series because CoD outsells it.

CoD has plenty of reasons to be hated, and not ONE of them is because it's popular.
Jinxstar  +   1552d ago
I for one stopped after MW2. I didn't buy Black ops and Haven't bought a single Activison game sisnce MW2 and I'm not sure why I bought that one. The reason I dislike Activision is Bobby Kotick treating COD players like Sheep. After MW2 I thought "wow this story is horrible" I also thought "This online hasn't changed hardly at all" There is no innovation and the Producers treated IW like crap so bad that a huge chunk of the Dev's left to form their own studio because they were getting screwed out of the Billions of dollars their hard work made. All they wanted was what was promised them... I wont support Activision and I wont support crappy stories in games and I wont support cut and paste MP.

Granted many games aren't as Arcady and fluid as MW for online MP but that doesn't make them worse. BF3, KZ3, Gears 3, Uncharted 3 all have added and changed so much to their MP and offer so much more. The "Feel" of weight and other things COD players hate but after the learning curve I personally prefer all those games over COD. So I guess I don't care for the MP either. I don't "Hate" COD but I "Hate" Activision, Bobby Kotick and I hate commercialized crap thats designed to sell to masses because it holds our industry back... I feel that way anyway... The more people buy it the less new stuff we will see...

Please disagree if you like but thats my reasoning... If it's your cup of tea then rock on. Please do. I never tell anyone not to buy the game. I just don't support companies like that... Or I try not to anyway. I really don't care what the "hipster" mentality is. I have been saying this since long before BLOPS was released... Check my history... I was the "OG" hater =P
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gamingdroid  +   1551d ago
ah, I see... so if it is a popular person, there is hate, but not when there is a popular object. Then it is "deserved" hatred since objects can't have things that people do?

That is one of the stupidest arguments I heard in a long time.

You can hate something i.e. object, if liking it making you no longer special for liking it. By hating it, you make yourself different and again special.



If there is a company I hate to support it is EA. They have repeatedly shown to be a scrupelous company that:

- essentially introduced online passes
- remember Spore DRM?
- deletion of purchased games from inactivity on Origin
- banning you from games you own, if you say something EA doesn't like
- allow EA to spy on your computer and share it with third parties

The list goes on, but somehow EA is the darling of the industry. I really don't get it.

***but I "Hate" Activision, Bobby Kotick and I hate commercialized crap thats designed to sell to masses because it holds our industry back...***

In some ways, CoD has popularized gaming more so it has other benefits.


All you CoD haters can b!tch and moan all you want. The vast majority of people don't care, clearly because the reviews coming in have overall been very well received, the game is selling gangbusters, it's previous games have been topping the online play chart FOR YEARS, the latest game has sold better than ever and the community is very healthy.

The same hate speec has been repeated, and the result, CoD is more popular than ever! It wouldn't surprise me there is quite a few hypocrites haters out there buying MW3.

How about a change of tactic? Like telling us what other games we should play instead of spewing hate... it might work better.

That said, don't like, don't buy and don't play. Problem solved! xD
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Jinxstar  +   1551d ago
I understand how you feel about EA. I am not a fan of Origin or Online Passes but truly I buy almost everything new so it really doesn't bother me. I buy very few EA games as it is. Mostly just Dead Space and Fifa for my wife... I understand why they do it and why everyone else has been following suit but I could nit pick trends in gaming that Activison has done and others have followed. 15$ Map Packs for example... Yearly releases... Things like that.

"In some ways, CoD has popularized gaming more so it has other benefits. "

So has the Wii and I don't want F**King Waggle in my Zelda GAME! I used to love zelda. I have the Gamecube promo disc with Legend of Zelda, Links adventure, Ocarina and Majoras... Twilight princess was good but not that much waggle. Skyward sword lost me. Progressive force feeding turns me away. If you like it thats fine but no innovation or trending for masses is not something I like. Despite how I feel it will sell like Crazy and justify even more waggle or maybe a "Kinect" style Zelda next gen...

like I said if you like it rock on. I myself prefer team based shooters, Strategy and skill vs twitch shooting. I'm not whining because I am not good at COD. My KDR was over 2:1. Maybe I got bored because it lacked challenge that I was able to find in other games...

The more people keep going to see transformers and pirates of the Caribbean movies the more they will make them... I'd rather see the money go to something new...

I can't blame Activison. They are making tons of money... It kinda upsets me that people only want more Transformers and Pirates instead of something new... I think thats the best analogy for the "hate" I can give you. Probably why so many people are so vocal because we know Video games aren't like movies. There are a limited number of games and a smaller audiance and many people like myself want to see the money invested somewhere else. Instead we get a ton of clones... Again I don't care myself... You want transformers then watch transformers... but I think thats where a lot of the hate comes from...
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DragonKnight  +   1551d ago
@gamingdroid: *facepalm* Way to completely miss the point. But with you, I'm not surprised. Hating something because it's popular isn't possible with an object. The context associated with popularity in this sense is that it is hated because one side feels they have less or are inferior to another. Think back in school. People hated the popular kids because they perceived said kids to have an easier time in school. Explain how a person can hate an object for being popular in a way that makes sense. Your example is flawed in that it takes one person to hate it just because to start the trend of hating it because it's popular.

But again, I'm not surprised you don't get it.
NeloAnjelo  +   1551d ago
Nice List. Here is mine...

1)Change or innovation in a COD game? None.
2)No recoil, inhuman running and reload speeds, auto-aim, perks... all make the game unbalanced and an arcade fest for noobs.
3)Multi million selling franchise and they can't even offer dedicated servers, a new engine or anything for the end user.
4)A rehash of the same old gameplay, with a poor story and mediocre campaign
5)MW2 was a broken pile of trash online. Multiple patches, notable online glitches with many still unfixed today.
6)They still can't make the game equal on all consoles.
7)The "leaked" trailers. We all know its done on purpose to create hype.
8) Essentially the same game as COD4:MW
9) Money train. Only made to fill pockets. No quality or passion.
10) No team work, only kill streaks which rewards selfish gameplay.
11)This game will be forgotten in a year after the next COD. Just like all the others.
12)The defenders of this franchise fail to answer anything relating to any of these. Infact all they say is we like it this way, look at the sales... Blind sheep, who just keeps buying this this broken copy of COD4. Even the maps look and feel the same... for $15.
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PhoenixDevil  +   1551d ago
Totally with you especially point 12, I have some 360 fanboys where I work all they do is play cod and say the PS3 sucks. I pointed out the major flaws from broken online play - hacked in some cases - all the way to just how good other games are but if its not n FPS n not cod they don't want to know. Seriously like wasting my breath on it but its such a shame that this is kinda how cod is seen by some, as sheer domination of every game market and type for the reason only that everyone knows its name
Heartnet  +   1551d ago
dude if u hate CoD so much why do u keep posting on these articles? ive seen ur posts on multiple CoD articles and theres always the same...

IW arnt the only ones who Copy and Paste ey
Fel08  +   1551d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth
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Jinkazama1421  +   1551d ago
dont forget the lack of dedicated servers....even though they have made more than a billion throughout the series -_- COD 4 was fantastic for its time...the rest are just crap on a CD
Kaizin514  +   1552d ago
Look into those eyes of Bobby Kotick, it is like he is staring into my soul and planting the seeds of DLC.

Edit: Not saying I will buy the DLC, hell, I'm not buying MW3.
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Heartnet  +   1551d ago
yh ya are... he will get you... eventually
NYC_Gamer  +   1552d ago
well,just don't buy the game problem solved.
urwifeminder  +   1552d ago
Would have been good having 4 player co op in spec ops hey treyarch can do it with zombies whats up with that, i hired rather than buy.
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SageHonor  +   1552d ago
Hate it all you want... Numbers dont lie.. It sells millions and millions. Already over 6 million units sold.
shikamaroooo  +   1552d ago
why change something that already works? honestly I can't imagine play cod any different it's a awesome formula. whenever anyone compares a game, they compare it to cod. and haters gon hate
Hufandpuf  +   1552d ago
That's the problem. When games are compared to COD it's usually, "X game is not like This game, so X game is garbage." That's a bad thing to have. It limits the scope of modern day developers.
NeloAnjelo  +   1551d ago
Here's why... seeing an unbalanced franchise is upsetting, and seeing people crank out games year after year with LITTLE effort in quality assurance or improvement is disgusting. Where is the passion in making the game? Where is the progression? Where is the self respect? Other than the story, everything in MW3 could have patched into MW2. EVERYTHING. Even a 30 dollar DLC, but to sell 9+ million copies (equaling $500+ million made in sales) and not spending the time, money or effort to make the BEST game possible is just infuriating. People are just too blind to see that.
Jinkazama1421  +   1551d ago
so you dont want innovation? new ideas? new ways to play? better graphics? better connection? -_-
ForROME  +   1552d ago

Perjoss  +   1552d ago
I think most gamers hate Activision and not so much CoD. If CoD fails so does Activision, well maybe not now that they are partnered with Blizzard. Why Blizzard, WHY???

One of the coolest companies in gaming decided to partner with one of the worst...
#8 (Edited 1552d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
rezzah  +   1552d ago
IW is a great developer, but the choices that are forced upon them by Activision makes their game progression stale.

Also Treyarch is just lame, hiding in the shadow of the title COD for fame or to make easy money.
MrBeatdown  +   1552d ago
Half of those criticisms could apply to any game with a gun. It's glorifying war? So? So does Battlefield. So does Homefront. So does Medal of Honor. And hundreds of games glorify killing and violence. If the people making these claims actually cared about that kind of thing, they'd hate the majority of what this industry puts out.

Or it's overshadowing other games? Like Skyrim? Or Halo Anniversary? Or Battlefield? Or Uncharted? Games that sell in the millions that publishers decide to release right next to CoD? Do these people hate GTA for the same reason? GTAV dominated the news for two weeks.

The fact is, Activision earned their spot. And if anyone thinks any other publisher isn't gunning for the exact same position that Activision has they're an idiot.
GraveLord  +   1552d ago
There's no reason to hate COD. It didn't do anything to you.
However its fine to dislike it or not care about it.
PSX99  +   1552d ago
Cod is fine ,it's fun at the end of the day and that matters.
Nunchez  +   1552d ago
One thing annoying me is the damn engine! If DICE can do it from BFBC2 to BF3 then Activison or IW can do it too. They're just super lazy knowing that people will still buy their game every year.
theEx1Le  +   1551d ago
I really can't imagine Cod working on any other engine tbh, even the ID tech 5 engine seems like it would change the feel so much that it wouldn't have the winning formula that Cod has developed.

Perhaps it could be said that it was short sighted by IW to adopt (or still use i should say) the ID tech 3 engine when they did (I.E the change from Cod 2 to MW1), but I don't imagine they expected the success their game recieved.
#12.1 (Edited 1551d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Biggest  +   1551d ago
Is that a joke? Or can you not imagine it because it never really changes? Of course a new engine would benefit the CoD series.

I guess the benefits might turn off a lot of its consumers though. Maybe you're right. CoD should not change for the sake of its consumers. Could you imagine the outrage if they added destruction or larger maps? The current players of CoD would give up gaming.
WitWolfy  +   1552d ago
Cant believe people would buy the same rehash EVERY YEAR! Its insulting. Every gamer to its own I guess

Im sure if there was a new MGS title out every year, I'd buy it like the average COD player buys their sequels.
#13 (Edited 1552d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Tzuno  +   1551d ago
blah blah blah and everyone plays Cod anyway even if they don't admit it. The only one not playing this game are the gamers that don't play 3d-shooters genera.
Jinxstar  +   1551d ago
Jinxstar on PSN. No Trophies for BLOPS or MW3. I play plenty of Shooters.
Biggest  +   1551d ago
BiggC on PSN and Steam

Zero trophies for BLOPS or MW3. I'd get Duke Nukem before CoD.
jjb1981  +   1551d ago
MW3 could have been much greater if zampella and west were still there. Their creative collaboration produced mw1. Without them, every subsequent CoD will be cut and paste. Maybe the next-gen consoles will prove me wrong...
NeloAnjelo  +   1551d ago
In the words of phosphor112...

"What does MW3 do that MW1/2 didn't do?
Same engine? Yes.
Same textures? Yes.
Same animations? Yes.
Same sounds? Yes.
Same models, character and environment? Yes.
Same balancing issues? Check.

Activision cares nothing about the consumer. They give you COD Elite, a feature set that Bungie and Dice give FREE to their users,Activision charges for. They charge $15 dollars for a "throwback" map slightly modified with zombies added.

They milk the consumer. It's bad for the rest of the industry as they have no chance to show innovation as COD eats up the market with their rehashed product year after year."

Biggest  +   1551d ago
They'd cry about it. They cry about online passes. They cry about jaggies on shadows. They don't cry for CoD because they just can't. If they didn't play CoD people wouldn't like them on Facebook.
thespaz  +   1551d ago
Unlike some people. I don't refuse to buy a game because of the politics... I buy it because I happen to have fun playing it and it's all about me.

I don't want a new engine because a new engine would probably mean no more 60fps. Also, a new engine would change the look and feel of the game to the point where it doesn't even feel like the addictive CoD anymore.

They've got something special here and I like it!

I'm not going to hate on Battlefield 3 because it's definitely not a bad game on PC, but it's just not my style (same thing with Skyrim)

I don't care how good you think a certain game is... if it's not fun for me, I don't play it.
bredstick65  +   1551d ago
1. COD is to fast for me. I will never be good because I can't keep up.
2. When I play video games I escape into the games. I cant escape into something I am terrible at.
3. I root for the underdog. And clearly COD is not the underdog.
4. I am a member of the tea party and the Boycott Wall Street.
5. I can't kill the guys in the buildings the walls won't blow up.
6. I can't camp snipe from a safe distance.
7. I have to go it alone... ..who will protect me?
8. Dice sounds cooler then infinity ward.
9. I have to earn an attack helicopter.
10. Millions of people buying this game causes other game developers to build new game engines and better their product. I don't like good product.
11. Like millions and millions I am a fan of anime games and clearly the success of COD has caused anime games not to be released.
12. I have had every game system known to man, I am a true gamer and we don't like COD we just don't.
Hicken  +   1551d ago
1. CoD is fast-paced, but it doesn't compare to the chaos of Battlefield or Killzone.
2. I escape into the games. I can't escape into a broken game I'm sure I played three years ago, and it was just as broken then.
3. I root for good developers, which CoD is clearly lacking.
4. I hate the Tea Party but think the Occupy Wall Street (not boycott) movement has some good points.
5. 400 rpgs and this building is still standing. Must be made of adamantium.
6. I can't snipe the way sniping should be done.
7. One guy who's playing is clearly not on the straight and narrow causes me to lose. I hate losing.
8. Actually, doesn't almost anything with "Infinity" in it sound cool?
9. That guy sat in a corner camping until he "earned" his chopper.
10. Millions of people buying this game causes other developers to try and imitate, while CoD uses the same old shit. Neither winds up being a good product.
11. Like millions and millions I am a fan of variety and clearly the success of CoD has caused a variety of games to not be released.
12. I've had a good number of systems. I'm a true gamer, and I don't like the lazy trend CoD has started, or the complacent fanbase it's created. No true gamer does.
caperjim  +   1551d ago
This may be a little off topic but has anyone noticed how COD has evolved into a more run and gun style game since MW1 ? It feels like super human soldiers running at 'panther" like speeds shooting each other.
Venjense  +   1551d ago
I have no reason to hate any game, either I like a game or just don't care about it at all.

Hating a game is stupid.
Killman  +   1551d ago
To those saying "Its fun and thats what matters"
If that is true, then what is the point of buying each new game in the series? If MW3 is fun, then I would think MW2 was as well, so why not just play that? Because Activision has a new game made every year and hypes it to the moon, giving people the mentality that they NEED the next COD. It honestly sounds like brainwashing.
tigertron  +   1551d ago
I don't hate COD, but the things that drove me away from COD were:

1) Lag
2) Spongers
3) The perks i.e. jugganoob
4) Cheaters
5) The same game recycled into many annual sequels.
6) Little innovation
7) Killstreaks - seriously? choppers and airstrikes killing for you? -_-"

As some guy said above me: "don't like, don't buy and don't play. Problem solved! xD"
and thats exactly what I did...or didn't do in this case. So I've been COD free for a few years now and I haven't looked back since. I know COD has a huge fanbase and thats because it has a very fun formula, but its too flawed for my tastes and those annual "map packs" don't help either. If you like COD then thats cool, but its not for me. :)
#22 (Edited 1551d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
2v1  +   1551d ago
i dont hate CoD ,i just dont like the smile of that man in the pic.
tonywood  +   1551d ago
All the hating, but I'm quite sure most of the people making comments bought this game. The best way for change is to not support....BUT, JUST LIKE XBL...PEOPLE STILL LINE UP LIKE DUCKS!

LOL...MW is doing what's making them money. I don't care about it, I just didn't buy the game. Resistance 3, bf3, goldeneye reloaded, uncharted 3, and gears 3 are better MP games for me. Besides, Activision doesn't care about these comments, they making a killing!! (just like all those halo games did)
#24 (Edited 1551d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
AO1JMM  +   1551d ago
I bought it and think its still fun.
AO1JMM  +   1551d ago
Fun game but.......

Looks exactly the same as the last
plays exactly the same as the last
brings nothing new to the gameplay
crybaby kids yelling in my ear......

Should be cheaper because of ^^^

Besides all of that I still have fun playing.
stumpa  +   1551d ago
lots of people like cod and play cod lots of people dont like cod and play other games now i could start a rant about how good cod is and what doughnuts people are who dont like cod but i really cant be arsed because id rather play games like cod or skrim or uncharted 3 instead of bitching so im off to play ermmmm i cant make my mind up dam
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1551d ago
Kotaku is out of touch with the current gaming market.

This is why video game web sites are being marginalized by the industry. They simply are out of touch with today's consumers.

I don't hate any game or any game franchise. Hating things is a waste of time. Save your hate for things that actually deserve it like cancer, child abusers and nazis.

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