Kirby: He of the many faces

When corruption and chaos come creeping from beyond the stars, only one pink video-game hero is brave enough to stand up and beat the expectations of jaded players into the ground.

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SybaRat2354d ago

Funny, because I always considered Kirby to be like one of H.P. Lovecraft’s insanity-provoking ancient gods.

rezzah2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

he's the complete opposite.

Kirby is more like Ditto from pokemon.

Infact if Kirby ever ate Ditto I bet he would just remain the same or just turn into a black hole or something.

jacksonmichael2354d ago

... I thought they were hats?

LoaMcLoa2354d ago

Copy abilities?

From your... sperm?

THR1LLHOUSE2354d ago

See, this is the thing about Kirby games: They're secretly totally awesome. Always have been.