Q&A: Fuzzyeyes on Edge of Twilight

Edge of Twilight is an upcoming futuristic action-adventure game from Queensland-based developer Fuzzyeyes Studio. GameSpot AU recently caught up with Wei-Yao Lu, CEO of the company, and asked him to go into a bit of detail about their upcoming title. Anyone keeping an eye on the local industry would also be aware that the GDAA have made some progress in regards to federal government incentives. In light of this, GameSpot AU also ask Wei-Yao about his thoughts on the state of the local industry.

Some tidbits from the interview:
- Edge of Twilight has been designed as an immersive and original single-player experience since day one.
- A PS3 version is definitely within the plans but at the moment Fuzzyeyes are focusing all their efforts on making sure the game performs as best as possible on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms.
- The publisher will be officially announced soon.

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