EA making twice as much money from mobile as from PlayStation 3

The console industry doesn't always treat mobile with the respect that Pocket Gamer thinks it deserves. Yet the latest set of financial figures from Electronic Arts could change that.

In the third quarter of 2007, EA made a whopping great $640 million (£311m) in revenues from all its gaming platforms. But it's the breakdown that's interesting.

Xbox 360 was the publisher's biggest cash cow with $218 million, followed by PlayStation 2 ($73 million), Wii ($59 million), and DS ($47 million). But next comes mobile with $37 million, ahead of PSP ($21 million) and PS3 ($17 million).

That's right. Just to restate the point, EA made more than double the revenues from mobile games than it did from PlayStation 3 in the third quarter this year.

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Zhuk3952d ago

This is why Sony has to beg 3rd party devs not to abandon the PS3. Thanks to Sony's awful design choices and bungles with the PS3 development costs are higher than the other consoles and it is unnecessarily difficult to program and develop for. It is a testament to Sony's arrogance and how a console should not be shaped by commercial interests rather than practical design choices. These problems coupled with the poor performance of the PS3 so far and the incredibly low software sales of the console combine to make the PS3 an incredibly unattractive platform for gaming houses.

The PS3 shares quite a few parallels with the Sega Saturn and it will probably share that systems fate.

Compare this to the brilliant design of the Xbox 360, which was built from the ground up with 3rd party developers in mind. This lowers costs and development times, allowing developers more time to polish their games. This is why games not only run and look better on Xbox 360, but also why there are far more AAA titles on the Xbox 360 than the PS3. The Xbox 360 also attracts more gamers than any other next generation console and has become the driving force of revenue for 3rd party developers.

It is not hard to see why 3rd party developers are jumping ship from the PS3 to the Xbox 360. Today the Xbox 360 enjoys nearly all of the PS3s 3rd party exclusives, with MGS4 and FFXIII undoubtedly to follow. Why is this? because the developers and publishers have no choice, there is no way that the PS3 can turn a profit for such expensive games. They will have to release these games on Xbox 360 because if they want to make any money at all they have no other choice.

The Xbox 360 will be the benchmark on which all future consoles will be designed, that is for sure, and because of this it will remain the premier next generation console for the future.

For the gaming industry, they are abandoning the PS3 in droves to Jump In.

Prismo_Fillusion3952d ago

Excellent, I can now take my daily bubble away from you.

Razzy3952d ago

I doubt anyone is reading his post anyway. Quite a few on his ignore list.

leon763952d ago

Alert...overheating system...starting shutdown...shutdown in 5,4,3,2,1,0....shutdown completed...reinitializing...l oading system parameters...loading wnds vst sh*t edition...loading "zhunk anti PS3 program"...loading completed...reading story "EA making twice as much money from mobile as from PlayStation 3"...processing post...processing....process conclued...launch post "This is why Sony has to beg 3rd party devs not....."......alert oveheating system.....

ruibing3952d ago

Why in the world would we buy poorly ported games from EA when there are tons of better cross-platformers and exclusives? I would much rather see sales data from Ubisoft and Infinity Ward; they have made PS3 games which actually justify a purchase (I already bought my Assassin's Creed).

Megaton3952d ago

ruibing hit the nail on the head.

Is anyone seriously expecting good PS3 sales on EA games? The PS3 games they release are notoriously horrible by comparison to their cross-brand counterparts. EA hasn't been able to make a PS3 port worthy of gifting to someone you hate, let alone actually buying for yourself.

Psynapt1k3952d ago

It is rather astonishing what dribble this [email protected] can write...I find it none the less entertaining... I started reading "This is why Sony has to beg.....and amazingly it fizzled into a rendition of BLAH Blah blah blah blah..... What can he conjur from his bowels next?

ravinash3952d ago

Other companies are doing a fantastic job and the results are starting to show. If you look at the graphics of games like heavenly sword and the graphics and game play of can see the progress being made in the one short year that its been running.
Hats off to Xbox for the progress they have made this generation, but its definitely not because of the hardware.
Constantly breaking down, cheap hardware and a loud fan don't exactly say quality to me.
The only reason the system is easy to program for is because its the same old hardware and adds nothing to moving forward into the future.
Time will tell how this will effect the system, but I'm going to find it interesting when all those loyal 360 users find that in a few short years MS will have to bring out another box and they will have to start all over again. Will they keep to the old box for as long as possible when the system is out of date and the PS3 is still growing with its potential??? Or will MS decide that the only way to keep ahead is to bring out the next gen in the hope that they'll get the head start again.

Do me a small favour and put the sales blog down for a moment and think for yourself.
You say that 360 enjoys all of the PS3 exclusives...if they did, then they wouldn't be exclusives dumbass! Your comments saying "MGS4 and FFXIII undoubtedly to follow" show just how much undoubtedly you have your head up your own ass! have you ever heard or contracts?
these games come from remind me, which system is doing the best between 360 and PS3 in Japan?

When are you going to get it through your thick head that todays gaming world there are some great options out there for both systems.
All your mindless dribble does is damage this...with out the PS1 or PS2, there would have not been a Xbox or Xbox360. and with out the PS3 pushing things forward you would be stuck with the 360.
Think about it!!!!
And for god sake, stop sticking your tough down the back of Bills trousers.

Dante82053952d ago

dude after typing something like that...i need you to take a look in the mirror and realize how sad your life is....hahahahahahha

CrashSharc3951d ago

"Compare this to the brilliant design of the Xbox 360"

:) You've been living in a cave for the past couple of years, haven't you?

leon763951d ago

At Dante8205: don't worry about me...I'm great, thank you!!! Why don't you worry about you instead????

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sonarus3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

more ea games hit 360 than ps3. however not nearly enough to close that gap. in time with a larger install base ps3 games will start to sell

THE_JUDGE3952d ago

I think in the past gamers would over look crap that devs did, I don't find that to be true this gen. Alot of people have held off from buying EA games because they are of extremely low quality. When they start making their games better for the PS3 then they will see the sales. As for the mobile game comparison, thats stupid to even say. Mobile games don't require alot to make so most of what they make from them is sheer profit. Thats like comparing a Ferrari to a Taurus. They can make Taurus very fast and sell them cheap. A Ferrari takes time and it costs more to make.

Bad_Karma3952d ago

The reason for this is that mobile games always look shyte so you get what you expect where as on the PS3 there is no excuse for a game to look shyte but EA seem to manage it every time and PS3 owners have gotten wise to it...hence low PS3 profits.

Razzy3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I agree. EA games won't sell on the PS3 unless EA gets their act together and stops releasing glitchy, low frame rate riddled games for the system. I have no interest in any of EA's junky PS3 ports ('cept for Orange Box...please EA don't FU** that up). Give me CoD over MoH or 2K games over EA Sports games any day.

mighty_douche3952d ago

another post designed to do nothing but encourage flame wars!

REMEMBER, your not a gamer unless you care about sales figures and how much a company makes!

superman3952d ago

As i say zhuk, you suck.

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