Videogamer Give Uncharted: Drake's Fortune: 8/10

Videogamer write:

"Naughty Dog could have played it safe. The studio's Jak and Daxter series has been a huge success and a PS3 follow-up as their debut next-gen title would have made perfect sense. So, the fact that they chose to give us the Indiana Jones-like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune should be commended. The fact that it's turned out to be one of the best games released on the console to date is more worthy of celebration though. Dust off your Sixaxis - another great first-party Sony title is in town."

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wil4hire3833d ago

It needs gameplay glitches and terrible AI to get a 10/10 apparently. Naughty Dog cant release their games with obvious glitches though that have to be overlooked to enjoy it.

SabreMan3833d ago

8 out of 10 has never been average just a must own title

5 out of 10 is average - keep trying

predator3833d ago

8 is a bit unfair for this game, 9 should be the average for this game.

Bebedora3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

According to this reviewer it's 8 hrs long. Did he have immortality flag on when running through it, or is it really 8 hrs?

To tell not buying it if expecting a great game exp because of the loading and lengt h is a bit rough too.

predator3833d ago

im not sure i think inbetween 8-10 depending what setting its on i think, i wouldnt no havent played it

techie3833d ago

8-12hours first play through (was 12 for me). You can then play it on hard, then crushing (the AI gets harder so it's more fun)....then earn all the medals, find all the treasures....then unlock the rendering modes, and flip the entire world round so everything is back to front and it feels like a new game :) Haven't played a single player game this much.

Can't believe he mentioned the texture-pop...which occurs in 2 chapters and takes 2 seconds to load. Actually quicker than other games that stream textures (I wnt mention them)

ravinash3833d ago

While I'm sure the review like to enjoy the game, he also has a deadline. So he'd probably plays on easy to get to the end to see the whole game.
When I played the demo it took me about about 15 - 30 mins to get through on average setting. tried it again on hard and...well...lets just say I ran out of time to continue playing.
Now enough with the reviews...whens it coming out in the UK...I want to play it, not read about it.

THUNDERMARE3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Played and finish in about 11-12 hours but that without looking for any treasures, if play again just for treasure hunting it would take about 20 hours for sure. Moreover, there are mirror mode and flip mode to try out so its a full package of 30hours+ fun time.

TheExecutive3832d ago

the last SP game I have played this much was God Of War 2. That should tell you something. 8/10 is a bad score for this game, I have a hard time understanding why it is getting lower scores (i know 8 isnt low but its low for this game).

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bioshock3833d ago

after gears ths is the only game you can be proud off...everthing about the game is so should get atleast score 9.5

remix3833d ago

has soooooooooooo many glitches

Undefeated3833d ago

Technically and graphically this is a very nice game; it does a lot toward showing what the PS3 is capable of. Where I lose touch with people saying this is some AAA "10 out of 10" is in the fact that it's pretty much just a shooter with some platforming thrown in. There's no stealth, no real "exploring" despite the theme, it's linear ... I mean, it's just not all that. 8/10 is about right, hardly an "unfair" score.

achira3833d ago

shooter ? are you joking ? what is halo3, bioshock, gears, and all overhyped 360 games ? shooter, yes. for xbox360 its nice, for ps3 its bad ? nice double standard.

Bebedora3833d ago

I am with you if you think that's so. What do you think of his motives for an 8 then? Considering how games are rated in recent 2 years. I'd say they seems less than minor if you read what others score it as.

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