Ubisoft registers 40 domains; Assassin's, Rabbids, Far Cry and PoP make the list

GameDynamo - "Earlier this week, the company registered a large amount of domain names. Over three dozen web addresses have been added to Ubisoft’s portfolio, most of them hinting at sequels for several series: Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Ghost Recon, Prince of Persia, etc."

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EcoSos32112d ago

Damn that is allot of domains.

pedo_across-the-road2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Oooo! This kinda confirms prince of persia 2 is in development.

And that picture is so cute and funny

ironfist922112d ago

I hope its a sequel to the Cel-Shaded PoP

Shackdaddy8362112d ago

Lots of raving rabbids stuff...