Metacritic - Skyrim Is Best Game of 2011, Top 10 All Time

Skyrim is currently sitting at the best game of 2011 on metacritic, beating the likes of Portal and Battlefield 3. It also is currently the 7th best PC game of all time.

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Pikajew2205d ago

Zelda has a point lower than it with 17 reviews, it can beat it score on metacritic. And just because it has a high rating on it doesn't mean it the best game of all time.

DonaldBeck2205d ago

exactly, scores are irrelevant to what a real gamer should take to heart.

majin-vagina2205d ago

Batman AA for PS3 is the highest rated game this year on Metacritic.

kikizoo2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

They are even more irrelevant when some dumb people are comparing different kind of games, or from differents platforms, or different years (10/10 for 2007 is way less today)

[email protected] the fanboyz trying to ignore the tons of perfects scores for uncharted 3, they are really trying hard...(also ignoring lbp2, the revolution, best arcade game of all time)

JokesOnYou2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

lol' whos trying to ignore how many 10's UC3 got, alot of games got alot of 10's this year, the point is according to Metacric avg Skyrim scored the highest, or at least higher than UC3, Batman AC too, not that it matters much, I think Zelda might be higher Im not sure but either way whether you agree with the scores or not is irrevelant, just pointing out the facts, so why get mad over nothing, theres no hate for UC3 here, this happens every year where the highest scoring games get talked about and compared.

teething2205d ago

Metacritic scores are always high early on... give it time and it will drop. Happens every time. It occurred with UC 3, Batman AC, etc. It should end up near 94.

Danteh2205d ago

Lmao at how the "HD gamers" always ignore Zelda.

Look, Uncharted 3 is incredible and Skyrim is probably going to be one of the finest RPG experiences ever, but the GOTY is going to Zelda: Skyward Sword :P

Bigpappy2204d ago

Exactly. I don't need the media to tell me which game is the best. And surely those scores mean nothing to most people who play these games.

DrakesOnAPlane2204d ago

I don't understand why this matters. Firstly, Skyrim came out just yesterday - there are going to be more reviews coming in, and it could lower.

Secondly, why is everyone comparing Uncharted 3 to Skyrim?

Uncharted 3 is the best action FPS of this generation. And Zelda/Skyrim are going to be the best action/adventure RPGs of this generation.

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StraightPath2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )


Zelda Skyward Sword

Batman Arkham City

Portal 2

are main candidates for GOTY.

Amazing games, Skyrim playing it now its mind blowing.It it can be pushed it 97% with few more reviews it deserves it.

Zelda sounds amazing too can not wait. We will see if it goes higher.

CGI-Quality2205d ago

Add Uncharted 3 to that list, as it is one too (going off Spike TV). And from most accounts (reviews/gamers) Uncharted 3 is every bit a GOTY contender as any of the games on the list.

StraightPath2205d ago

Uncharted 3 and Gears Of War 3 are pretty much the same level. Along with numerous other games that can be added to from Xenoblade to Little Big Planet 2 and Forza 4.

All these games are great too. But in terms of ratings these games up there hold the lead.

awi59512205d ago

Skyrim is more impressive because its open world and not linear. Uncharted 2 had its day there is no way it will take skyrim GoTY this year.

NeoBasch2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Why because that's what MetaCritic says? I honestly haven't seen a more ignorant comment, especially since the year's not over with. Assassin's Creed: Revelations has yet to show. Not to mention, many outlets may prefer Dead Space 2, Deus Ex, Rayman: Origins, Gears 3, or LittleBigPlanet 2.

And by the way, if we're just going by aggregators, N4G's own has Uncharted 3 at a 9.4. Just as high as any of the others you mention above with a helluva lot more scores to boot. I wonder how you'll react if many of America's own major media outlets award UC3 with GotY, being as that's where all of the perfect scores seem to be coming from.

EDIT: Also, didn't Oblivion win Spike's Video Game Award's Game of the Year... over Okami mind you. lol Don't even get me started on that one. I myself generally prefer more controlled experiences: hence, linear. Speaking of which, did you know the original Gears of War won more GotY awards than Oblivion (same year). lol Oh look, another linear game.

MysticStrummer2205d ago

I'm playing Skyrim right now too, and isn't mind blowing. It's a new engine that mostly does the same basic gameplay we've seen from the series since Arena. That's not a bad thing, but after playing Dark Souls for 200+ hours the combat in Skyrim feels archaic. There are aspects of Skyrim I like a lot but overall Dark Souls is the better game in my opinion. Dark Souls belongs on your list, as does UC3.

YodaCracker2205d ago


No, Oblivion won more GOTY awards in 2006 than Gears of War.


NeoBasch2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

No, I'm pretty sure Gears of War did. And by big, I mean big. Not each individual site, which that blog does not keep track of. We all know each site can choose a whole assortment of different games. Let alone forums. There's no use polling as you'll never get a definitive answer. However, these award shows:

Game Developers Choice Awards

Interactive Achievement Awards

are two of the three most prestigious at that given time, both of which gave the award to Gears of War. Not to mention, your own poll lacked many of the sites that chose Gears of War including the Interactive Achievement Awards which is just plain negligent. So no, I will not trust your blog and stick to my guns. Besides, your own blog put the two extremely close.

snp2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

What's obvious from that list is that multiplatform titles are less susceptible to 'troll reviews'.

It only takes a couple of ridiculous 4-6's (and 7.5's) type reviews among a sea of 9-10's to drag the mean down a couple of percent - as has happened to Uncharted 3 very recently.

Really a sensible system would cull the top and bottom 10% of reviews beyond a critical mass to remove the artificial (exaggerated) effect of 'outliers'.

Mind you, 'i give this game a ... 9.4' has a pretty heavy randomness - weirdness - about it anyway, so i'm not sure it makes to much difference which one is .2 or .4 or whatever ahead the other on this or that gauge etc.

damnyouretall2205d ago

i just played skyrim 10 hours strait and love it so far. the high metacritic score lets me know its gonna be great start to finish. goty so far imo, and ive played all the good ones this year.

SP3333D-O2204d ago

I tried Oblivion after hearing about Skyrim and hated it. Bad graphics, bad voice acting, bad combat, bad third person, and more. I didn't get what all the raving was about. Too late to the party, I guess. It almost turned me off of Skyrim. I'm glad it didn't, because I am LOVING Skyrim! It is what I had hoped Oblivion would be. GOTY in my book, but I still have AC to play yet...

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JonnyBigBoss2205d ago ShowReplies(1)
showtimefolks2205d ago

So scores mean best game of all time. GTa 4 is a 98/100 so that means its almost perefect when it's a bore fest besides a few missions

It's just numbers and where are all these skyrim fanboys coming out of . Every site has countless threads being made every hour get over it it's a great game like many other great games out this fall and that's all. Best of all time is a opinion at best

Jonah_Reese2205d ago

Oh just wait til metacritic is done weighing the hell out of it it'll be like 2 point behind because of ONE DAMN 8/10. God I hate that site.

Thatguy-3102204d ago

Lol since uncharted isnt the top dog on metacritic this year the score automatically doesn't matter no more Haha OHHH THE IRONY :)

kramun2204d ago

It is funny how that works aye? I remember all that times that metacritic was brought up when UC2 was mentioned. But now it's irrelevent lol.

arjman2204d ago


FthisBS2199d ago

@Danteh Zelda is f-ing queer. Reminds me of Sailor Moon for some reason.. Something that is absolutely annoying and horrible! I'd make far worse comparisons but I can do without the censors to get my point across.

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DonaldBeck2205d ago

i dont need metacritic to tell me this. i just need my controller, my ps3, and my sofa.

SP3333D-O2204d ago

more, like's going to be a long night (that will go by fast)

gamer2342205d ago

meta critic doesn't know shit about gaming,its only fan-boys that go there to brag about scores

DarkTower8052205d ago

Metacritic used to be a decent indicator of a game's worth but now its just a bunch of fanboys (journalists included) trying to manipulate scores or draw hits to their sites.

SDF Repellent2205d ago

It does mean something actually. If it wasn't for Metacritics, I would already bought Rage and LOTR War in the North and would have missed on a gem like Dark Souls. Getting multiple review opinions and an see a combined avg is a good indication of the quality of the game on your buying radar.

But the usual AAA blockbusters like Elder Scrolls, Uncharted, and Zelda, the scores doesn't really matter that much.

nycredude2205d ago


If you need something like Meta to tell you to get Dark Souls then you need to pay attention more. Demon's Souls was awesome.

death2smoochie2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Metacritic is unreliable.
The real truth is for the first time you might see many games get to share goty on different sites.
All these games are great.
From Batman to Portal 2 to Uncharted 3 to Skyward Sword to Skyrim to so many others. Great year for gaming on all systems

MsclMexican2205d ago

agreed. Metacritic is utter garbage. Skyrim is a great game and deserves the praise, but Im talking about how metacritc and gamerankings work. I mean some reviews are deemed worthy of being on meta, and some are not. If you are going to aggreagte scores... include all reviews rather than some

beavis4play2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

yea - the guys that run those sites decide which sites reviews do/don't count......too subjective to their preferences.

YodaCracker2205d ago

It's far better than having hundreds of no-name blogs' poorly written reviews included in the average. Only known publications who have a history of well-written reviews are included, and the same publications are included for every game. They do not pick and choose reviews for each game. There is a set list of reviewers. At least this is how Metacritic works. I am not as familiar with GameRankings.

Silly gameAr2205d ago

Hi guys! it worked! Hi fives all around!