Developers creating unhealthy 'McDonalds-like' experiences

Game designer examines games' cultural impact, BioShock's shortcomings and other design pitfalls in second MIGS keynote.

In the second keynote at the Montreal Game Summit, games designer Jonathan Blow dissected modern game design and offered up thoughts on the future of the games medium - warning that "designers lack discernment" and are in danger of offering up experiences only akin to a McDonald's meal.

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Multigamer3954d ago

size of that kid!!!!!, funny article

predator3954d ago

bioshocks shortcomings? did i miss something their, i thought bioshock was great.

Prismo_Fillusion3954d ago

You know when you have a job interview and the interviewer asks you about your worst flaw and you always say something like "Well, I think If anything I work TOO hard." It's like that, Bioshock is TOO much fun. Games like Uncharted and Mario Galaxy have the same shortcoming. It really sucks.

ravinash3954d ago

Its drugging your mind!!!!

mighty_douche3954d ago

i see why they are so popular in the US then.

predator3954d ago

lol u mite get slaughtered for that one

PS360WII3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Hmm the truth does hurt sometimes but I'm sure nobody listen to him while he was talking because he was basically saying good job on the games guys but really do better.

He wasn't saying that Bioshock sucked he was saying that 2k gave all of us this illusion of personal struggle and all it gave us was the ability to headshot someone.

He certainly is an idealist though what he's trying to get games to become won't happen for 20+ years. Gaming Industry is quickly becoming about what sells even if 7 other similar games are coming out that same month.

Gorgon3953d ago

The gaming industry is like the movie industry: 95% is utter crap, but there's some good stuff if you know where to look.

And sorry, but it will always be like that, just like the movie industry, book industry, etc, will keep beying like that.